Indiana Repertory Theater Annouces 2011-12 Season

Indiana’s only LORT theatre opens it’s doors for another season of satisfying Indianapolis theatre. This year, the Indiana Repertory Theatre celebrates forty years as a cultural force in Indianapolis. They’ve programed an entire season of exciting, challenging and entertaining plays, as they continue to raise expectations for Hoosier theater goers. Check out the Indiana Repertory Theater’s 40th season. Powerful plays in 2011 and 2012 prove “you live more when its live.”

Dracula by Steven Dietz
September 7 to October 1

Though Steven Deitz is not a Hoosier playwright, his work has become a cornerstone of modern theatre in Indiana. His plays have been produced at both the IRT and the Phoenix Theatre. Don’t miss his spectacular interpretation of Bram Stoker’s horrific tale. Dietz’s wicked and seductive script sheds new light on an old monster. Only Professor Van Helsing comprehends the true magnitude of The Count’s new residence in London. Watch as science and the supernatural go head to head. Check out event info here.

Going Solo Festival
September 20 to October 30

The Going Solo Festival returns for a third year of astounding single-performer plays. These intimate one-actor productions offer audiences a chance to engage with an actor in unusual and unexpected ways. Check out event info here.

Lost: A Memoir by Cathy Ostlere and Dennis Garnhum
September 20 to October 15

Staring Constance Macy, this heartfelt drama follows Cathy, whose search for her missing brother takes her to unexpected places. When she learns that he is lost at sea, she has no choice but to set off on an amazing journey of her own.

Nobody Don’t Like Yogi by Tom Lysaght
September 23 to October 23

Starring Mark Goetzinger. American icon, Yogi Berra, comes to life before your eyes. As the finest catcher the game of baseball ever knew and a feather in the cap of the New York Yankees, Yogi hit more than a few snags on his road to success. Join him as he reflects on a 14-year feud with Yankee’s owner Geoerge Steinbrenner, his glorious return to Yankee Stadium, baseball, relationships, life and more.

I Love to Eat by James Still
September 27 to October 23

Before the Food Network and before Julia Child, James Beard was the king of TV cooking. On his crusade to bring cooking to the small screen, Beard undoubtedly shaped American cuisine with his 1946 debut. Don’t miss an exploration of this first foodie’s life, and his message of good food, honestly prepared with fresh, wholesome ingredients.

Julius Caesar
October 21 to November 5

Shakespeare’s classic political drama puts honor, patriotism and betrayal at the forefront of our minds. After Caesar’s brutal assassination, Rome spirals into upheaval. Brutus and Mark Antony go head-to-head and political scheming reaches further than any modern cable news program dares to tread. Draw your own conclusions about this classic’s connections to the political environment of today. Check out event info here.

Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol
November 25 to December 24

Dickens’ broke the holiday mold with his charming ghost story about industrial England. As Scrooge, the cold-hearted miser, faces his past, present and future in one-night, he must choose to save himself from an eternity of suffering. Bob Cratchit, Tiny Tim and the whole host of Victorian characters grace the IRT stage for another telling of this Yuletide classic. Check out event info here.

Radio Golf by August Wilson
January 10 to 29

As the final installment of August Wilson’s revolutionary ten-play cycle examining a century of the African-American experience in America, Radio Golf solidifies Wilson’s reputation as both a formidable writer and seemingly mystical seer. Ivy-league graduate Harmond Wilkes returns to the Hill District of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. As a mayoral candidate with big plans for redevelopment, Wilkes must balance his ambitions with reverence for his ancestors. Here what Wilson had to say about a black man’s journey to political office years before Obama was elected. Check out event info here.

God of Carnage by Yasmina Reza
February 28 to March 24

Winner of Best Play at the 2009 Tony Awards, God of Carnage focuses on a playground incident between two boys and the intervening mediation by each child’s parents. In this edgy satire, it’s impossible to tell adult from child, as a war-of-words becomes a comedy of bad manners. Check out event info here.

Fallen Angels by Noel Coward
March 13 to April 15

Witty dialogue, glamour and madcap humor bubble out of control in this 1925 farce. As upper-class friends, Julia and Jane, wait for a shared secret to arrive at the front door, their virtues are tested. Check out event info here.

The Miracle Worker by William Gibson
April 17 to May 20

Helen Keller stands as a model for the possibilities of the human spirit. Faced with more obstacles than most, Keller rose to meet, overcome and push beyond her limitations. This classic story celebrates the teacher who broke through to Keller’s genius, Annie Sullivan. A century old story of fortitude and friendship, The Miracle Worker is sure to bring even today’s audiences to their feet. Check out event info here.

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