Theatre in the Streets: 2011 IndyFringe Festival Preview

The IndyFringe Festival celebrates seven years of business this Summer. As the Fringe Festival continues to expand, so to does the IndyFringe Building, offering performance space to independent theatre companies all year long. Now their big Indianapolis event has arrived. With 56 shows in seven venues around the Mass Ave cultural district, the IndyFringe Festival is the perfect capstone to Summer festivals and kicks off the 2011-12 theatre season in Indianapolis. Hold on to your hats: here is a brief preview (by venue) of all 56 shows in the 2011 IndyFringe Festival, August 19 to 28.

Comedy Sportz
721 East Massachusetts Avenue

The Day I Ate Wombat
David Quirk, Australia

David Quirk brings his award winning comedy stateside, as he illuminates dreams of his, stories that haven’t happened and more. Find out what becomes of a boy who once ate wombat.

Roman Rimer, New York

Based on Roman Rimer’s true story, Evolution follows an openly transgender New Yorker on a journey through the Southern United States to do community organizing with LGBTQ youth.

I Love You (We’re F*#ked)
Kevin J. Thornton, Los Angeles

Kevin J. Thorton of Sex, Dreams and Self Control returns to Fringe with a comic romp through a gay man’s past loves (and sex).

Phil the Void: Motherbanking Bankholes
Phil Van hest, Indianapolis

Phil the Void is back for his 7th year at the IndyFringe. Join him as he claims his spot among Hoosier greats as Indianapolis’ native son.

Rebel Without A Niche
Too Much Free Time Productions, Kirk Fitzpatrick, New York

This solo comedy show takes audiences on a bizarre journey through one man’s quest to support his creative career. Fitzpatrick is a systems operator, bike messenger, Halloween show zombie and guerrilla marketer.

The Return of the Great Nickolini
Nick Abeel, New York

The Great Nickolini confronts an elusive figure from his past in New York City’s concrete jungle.

Scuba Mission: Gainfully Employed
Shawn Bowers and Colin Hogan, Chicago

A two-man, one-brain comic duo with the raw enthusiasm of a pair of toddlers take audiences on a Scuba Mission.

A Sword and a Kiss
Asante Progressive, Indianapolis

Spoken word poetry comes to life using the pulse and rhythm of the streets.

Cook Theatre
1201 North Central Avenue

A Cosmic Conundrum
Dan Berkley, New York

One stargazer is unexpectedly abducted by an alien space ship. See if one human can prevent intergalactic catastrophe.

The Lesson
Carmel High School

Eugene Ionesco’s absurdist script takes place in the the office of one professor who is visited by an eager student.

The Magic of Jared Sherlock, Indianapolis

A youthful new and nationally known illusionist brings his comedy infused routine to Indy. This high energy show is an eclectic mix of magic and storytelling.

The Impressario
Intimate Opera of Indianapolis

The director of a bumbling opera company attempts his resignation, but egotistical singers hamper his plan.

The Best Audience Ever
Rick Cousins, Ottawa

A one-woman, one-man, three-ring circus casts viewers as the best audience ever. Half classroom lecture half vaudevillian slapstick, find out how to unwrap a lozenge without making any noise.

Scientist Turned Comedian
Tim Lee, Los Angeles

Tim Lee is a doctor turned comedian. Enjoy as he blends science with humor sharing his journey to become an internet sensation.

A Live Documentary of Dance!
Pones, Inc, Ohio

Dance and multimedia combine for a in depth look at the state of dance. Based on video interviews from 100 professionals in the field, this show also involves audience participation.

When Cats Could Fly
Eric James Wolf, Ohio

National Oracle Recipient, Eric Wolf, brings his own brand of storytelling to the stage. He creates a rich tapestry of truth and fiction suitable for ages nine to 99.

Theatre on the Square Mainstage
627 East Massachusetts Avenue

Dance Kaleidoscope, Indianapolis

For the first time ever, DK enters the world of IndyFringe. Celebrate the life of Edith Piaf with her most beloved songs including Milord, Padam Padam, Hymne A L’Amour and La Vie En Rose.

Little Red Riding Hood
NoExit, Indianapolis

Here the other side of Little Red’s story, as her brother goes on a quest to rescue his kid sister. Recommended for mature audiences only.

Dearest: The Mommie Musical
Ron Spencer, Indianapolis

Based on the cult classic biopic of Joan Crawford’s life, Dearest: The Mommie Musical comes from the same brains that brought you Next Top Bottom and Assorted Fruits and Vegetables.

Violet Dreams and Unlisted Melodies
Poetic Rebound, Iowa City

Join this all-female dance group for an inspiring evening of modern dance.

Performance Gallery, Ohio

Music and sound collide in this Dada-esque piece. This onomatopeoetic orchestra won the 2008 Best Alternative Theatre Performance Cincinnati Entertainment Award.

Sousepaw: A Baseball Story
Jonathan A. Goldberg, New York

Has-been pitcher Rube Waddell tries to make a comeback with the help of the circus’ “reptile girl.”

Red Couch
paperStrangers, Indianapolis

The awkwardness of first-love and first-lust come to life in this piece where dance, theatre and comedy meet.

DeXdance, New York

Movement and imagination elicit the fantastic and supernatural. Inventive props and original music meets storytelling dance.

Theatre on the Square Stage 2
627 East Massachusetts Avenue

The Third Life of Eddie Mann
John Spurway, Indianapolis

Winner of the Gladys Cameron Watt Award at the 70th National Playwriting Competition, The Third Life of Eddie Mann is about Eddie, a jumper, and Angel the man trying to talk him down. A hilarious comedy about life and death.

Andrea Merlyn’s Book of Secrets: Vol 2
Taylor Martin, Indianapolis

See Andrea Merlyn & Her Sorority of Sisters as they thrill and amaze! Andrea Merlyn performs more miracles, in this sequel to last year’s hit show.

Driving Them Crazy
Blue Sky Productions, Michigan

A raucous history of the women of the Indy 500. Before Danica Patrick, women weren’t even allowed near the pits. Real women conspire to ride the bricks.

Flowers and Other F-Words
Twilight Productions, Indianapolis

Man-opause. Andropause. Hypogonadism. One actor portrays several characters in search of answers to life’s most complicated issues of love, career, aging, death, and war.

Camelot is Crumbling: An Arthurian Nightmare
Maximum Verbosity, Minnesota

The murderous son of King Arthur recounts his history with the court to his dying father, while Arthurs greatest knight traverses a post-war landscape to find his queen.

Tristan Ross, Indianapolis

To be or not to be: that is the question. Thus asks a retail cashier as he finds himself commiserating more and more with the famous Dane while he and his Midwestern friends cope with the Shakespearean tragedy of epic proportions that is… everyday life.

Scrambled Egg Storytelling Spill

There’re stories all over the highway when three Indianapolis storytellers crash on stage. Different styles, different stories, different hair-dos. Celestine Bloomfield, Liza Hyatt and Bob Sander prove the old saying: If you wanna’ make stories, you gotta break words.

Tricks of the Trade
John P. Dowgin, Indianapolis

Tricks of the Trade is a play concerning two friends who are business associates and the means to which one goes to be successful.

Frank and Katrina Basile Theatre, The Phoenix
749 North Park Avenue

Losing My Religion: Confessions of a New Age Refugee
Seth Lepore, Massachusetts

Take a comic-romp through America’s spiritual enterprise. Walk the blurry line between self-help and faith.

Abraham Lincoln: Hoosier Hero
Danny Russel, Indianapolis

Our legendary 16th President is portrayed in an alternately hilarious and heart-breaking narrative covering all notable aspects of his life, including his often overlooked Indiana boyhood years (age 7-21).

Around the World with Cinderella
Mary Hamilton, Kentucky

Nearly every culture tells a story of a girl, or guy, who travels the road from ruin to riches. Come hear award-winning storyteller Mary Hamilton tell her favorites including a multicultural mashup of eleven variants from Africa, Asia, the Americas, and Europe.

Box Full of Darkness
Mary Armstrong-Smith, Indianapolis

“Box Full of Darkness” chronicles the playwright’s chaotic childhood with mentally ill parents and a tiny big sister who stepped up to protect and insulate her from the worst of it. ASL interpreted.

Lou Homan-Saylor: I Was a Virgin Nudist
Maggie May Productions, Angola, IN

Lou Ann Homan-Saylor takes you on a journey through the world of nudists, including showering, shuffle board, dancing and naked bingo.

Lou Sanz: Not Suitable for Children
Lou Sanz, Australia

Award winning Australian comedian and writer Lou Sanz presents a reading of children’s stories not at all suitable for children.

No Gender Left Behind
Rebecca Kling, Chicago

When Rebecca Kling was fired from her teaching position for being a transgender woman, she was left wondering what the American education system is teaching children.

Any Title That Works
Beth Marshall Presents, Kentucky

Paul Strickland returns to IndyFringe for another installment of his comedic philosophy on life.


Phoenix Theatre Mainstage
749 North Park Avenue

Antigone With a Shotgun: The Musical (and other stories)
Lyndsey Brown, Indianapolis

Four ten-minute musicals connect through one question: “If you gave a literary heroine a shotgun, would it change her story?”

How to Kill
Gabe Golden, Indianapolis

Keith, a long-time socially awkward introvert, has found the perfect way to deal with his crippling anxiety. Killing people.

School House Wrong
Tree Dollar Bill Company, Indianapolis

A new take on an old favorite. School House Rock has never been so wrong.

Headscarf and the Angry Bitch
Zehra Fazal, Virgina

A semi-musical, fully-comic exploration of what it means to grow up Muslim in America. The show touches on themes of religion, growing up in a Pakistani immigrant family, and coming to terms with sex and love.

Strike! The Musical
Q Artistry, Indianapolis

The Musical is a one act song driven exploration of l0 female bowling pins and their relationships to each other and the world.

Like Fire Shut Up in My Bones
Sarsparilla Shook Productions, Indianapolis

Appalachia, 1940. Residents of a coal town gripped by a mining strike hold palaver. The mettle of picketers and gun thugs alike is tested by the arrival of company scabs, and shafts dug deep in the coal-rich ground draw battle lines that beg the question, which side are you on?

The Chairs
Main Street Artist, Parker City, IN

Ionesco’s absurdist comedy mixes vaudeville with tragic farce as two ancient people pass their time.

Beer Can Raft and Other Plays
Lou Harry, Indianapolis

And a man and a woman with history. And three people, floating, looking for shore. Like you.

IndyFringe Theatre
719 East St. Clair Street

Joe’s Cafe
Ruppert Wates, New York

Joe’s Café by Rupert Wates is a music revue comprised of true stories about ordinary Americans of yesterday and today, recast in song, each a piece in the mosaic that is the story of America itself.

Young Actors Theatre, Indianapolis

Today in school I got killed. Or not. Just another day for Corrine and Brian, as they wrestle with the dynamics of growing up in our messy world of love and lovelessness.

ONEymoon (A Honeymoon for One)
Christel Bartelse, Toronto

2011 Canadian Comedy Nominee – Best One-Person Show A high energy solo comedy about a woman who marries herself.

Satan LIVE!
Ben Asaykwee, Indianapolis

Hear Satan’s hilarious perspective on the world today and his childhood.

Screw You Revue: Deja Vu
Wayburn Sassy, Florida

Americas Favorite Bigot, Wayburn Sassy, returns to the Crossroads of America to “Screw” yall, again! Accompanied by his Suspiciously Statuesque girlfriend, Miss Didi Panache, the mismatched duo delight and thrill audiences with their special brand of all NEW improvised variety.

The Arden Theatre Union, Indianapolis

Spoken Word Poetry. Phoenix is an artist, a poet surrounded by artists in a fish tank of memories. Some nice, some not so. Will she break through the walls of the tank or continue to swim in circles?

The Wedding Belles
Nicole Kearney, Indianapolis

The Wedding Belles, a musical about tying the knot finds Etta, the bride-to-be, announcing moments before she’s about to go down the aisle that she’s cancelling her wedding.

Welcome to Zanland!
Zan Comedy, Indianapolis

In her one woman show, nationally touring comedian Zan Aufderheide, has a refreshingly funny take on turning crisis into comedy, and comedy into healing.

IndyFringe Festival

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IndyFringe Festival
August 19 to 28, 2011