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Westfield, Indiana Information, History and Things To Do

Next to the towering spires and glittering buildings that characterize downtown Indianapolis, the Central Indiana suburb of Westfield, Indiana doesn’t look that impressive. But what Westfield lacks it size, it makes up for in down home hospitality and simple living. The growing downtown sector of Westfield is rife with small businesses, specialty shops, and a community atmosphere, thanks to the in-progress downtown renovation program put into place by the Downtown Neighborhood Association and the Grand Junction Task Group. The task group has been charged with protecting the historic authenticity of downtown Westfield while still introducing an influx of cultural events that breathe new life into the community.
Though Westfield, Indiana was incorporated as a city as recently as 2008, the town has been a community since before the Civil War. The town was officially founded in 1834 by a group of North Carolina Quakers, a group that included Asa Bales (for whom Asa Bales Park in Westfield is named), Simon Barker, Ambrose Osborne, and Simon Moon (who also has a Westfield park named after him, Simon Moon Park). The Religious Society of Friends and the Wesleyan United Methodist Church helped set up an important stop along the Underground Railroad in Westfield, helping escaped slaves reach freedom farther north. In 2008, the Central Indiana town was incorporated and Andy Cook became the city’s first official mayor. The town hasn’t stopped expanding since; today, Westfield has over 30,000 residents. The city’s rich history is preserved by the Westfield Washington Historical Society, a non-profit organization that runs the Westfield Washington Historical Museum, a local Westfield attraction that is home to countless artifacts and reminders of Westfield’s humble roots.
Owning Westfield real estate can be a surprisingly varied and fun experience. Several art galleries in Westfield keep culture alive, including Gallery One 36, and the city is located close to major art hubs in Carmel, Indiana and Indianapolis. Golf is a popular Westfield sport, purveyed by Westfield businesses like the Bridgewood Golf Estates and the Wood Wind Golf Academy, both great entries in the list of Indiana golf courses. For the younger set, the Westfield nightlife scene contains a few examples of Central Indiana party attitude, with Westfield bars like Carey Tavern and Bucky’s Grill & Pub setting up the drinks and Westfield people setting up the fun. If Indianapolis is too metallic and industrial for you, you might enjoy the gentle green spaces available to Westfield residents in the form of Westfield parks. Freedom Trail Park, Cool Creek Park (see Cool Creek Park photos and more Westfield photos), Quaker Park, the aforementioned Asa Bales Park and Simon Moon Park, and Hadley Park are all great options of Westfield things to do. And only in Westfield can you get a top notch meatloaf sandwich, courtesy of Marlow’s Cafe.