Things to do at The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, 2012

Entertainment and education combine at the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis. This nationally recognized organization has a reputation for the best. Everyday their mission “to create extraordinary learning experiences across the arts, sciences and humanities that have the power to transform the lives of children and families” enlightens and engaged Indianapolis kids and their parents. Explore each nook and cranny of this amazing Indianapolis attraction from the Dinosphere, where kids can walk among the creatures of pre-historic eras, to Take Me There, which transports visitors a world away to learn about a different culture. Enjoy a day, or three, at the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, where learning is fun!

Exhibits and Events at the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis

Indianapolis-childrens-museum-interior-Indianapolis-Indian Jolly Days – Every Winter the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis transforms into a Winter Wonderland, complete with life size polar bear. Take a ride down the Yule Slide. Check of your wish list in a sit down with Santa. Explore an outdoor Snow Castle with Ice Fishing and Ice Skating. Warm up over cookies and milk, help Santa’s reindeer prepare for their big night on Christmas Eve.
Barbie: The Fashion Experience – Nobody does fashion like Barbie. Explore the design behind the doll in this innovative exhibit. Marvel at vintage and collectible Barbies. Try your hand at fashion design or photography. Step into the lights of the runway, and discover your inner DIVA!
Childrens-museum-Indianapolis-Indiana Info Zone – Did you know there is a library inside the Children’s Museum? Explore the vast resources of the Indianapolis Marion County Public Library in a setting tailor-made for your little ones. Check out books, CDs, DVDs, learning kits, magazine and Bunny Book Bags in this kid-focused environment. In addition, visitors can access the Internet and databases on computers in the techZone computer lab.
Frogs: A Chorus of Colors – Some think creepy crawly, others think colorful creatures. Regardless of your view on frogs, the Children’s Museum’s latest exhibit allows you to take the leap into the bright world of frogs. Learn about frog anatomy, special talents and more. Plus, get down with live frogs including tree frogs, bullfrogs, horned frogs and dart poison frogs. Also, learn how you can get involved with frog conservation in Indiana. You won’t see an exhibit like this at the Indianapolis Zoo!
Take Me There Egypt – Explore modern Egypt without ever leaving home. After a quick flight to the land of Pharoahs, browse the marketplace. See what its like to be at home in Egypt. Learn fun facts and play a part in a traditional Egyptian celebration. There is so much more to Egypt than pyramids and Sphinxes.
Childrens-Museum-Mastadon-Exhibit-540 Story Avenue – The oral tradition of storytelling permeates many cultures. Understand the role it plays in the traditions of the African American community as you enjoy an interactive, educational and intergenerational exhibit that reveals how stories teach us about life. Based on the remarkable tales of Indianapolis people, this exhibit helps Hoosiers connect with their homeland.
Detail-photograph-of-Chihuly-Glass-Art-at-the-Indianapolis-Childrens-Museum-in-downtown-Indianapolis-Indiana Playscape – Tykes five and under will love the interactive experiences at Playscape. Visit the Arts Garden to create your own piece of take home art. Build your own empire at the Construction Site with blocks of all shapes and sizes. Help your infant explore their senses at Babyscape. Read stories and relax at the Family Room. Pretend in the Fantasy Forest. Express yourself on the Magic Wall with magnets and puzzles and get down and dirty at the Water and Sands Table.
The Power of Children: Make a Difference – Explore the lives of three unbelievably powerful children. Anne Frank’s courageous diary gave us all an insight into the personal affect of World War II on one little girl. Ruby Bridges bravely marched into a “white’s only” school in 1960, taking the first steps toward equality in the United States. Finally, Ryan White’s incredible triumph over the mysterious disease HIV/AIDS inspired us all to stay strong in the face of adversity.
dinosaur-exhibit-indiana-state-museum-downtown-indianapolis Dinosphere – Time travel to more than 65 million years ago to the Cretaceous Period, when dinosaurs roamed freely. See real fossils of these amazing creatures. Visit with archeologists and dig for your own discoveries in this magical world of scaly creatures. Plus, learn about palmetto plants and palm trees that fed many of the omnivores.
Lilly Theater – The Lilly Theater offers a thirty to forty five minute theatrical presentation every day, and its all included in the price of your admission to the Children’s Museum. See theater in action on stage at the Lilly Theatre. From a trip to the wonderful land of Oz to a climb up Jack’s beanstalk, you never know what fairytale will take the stage next. Introduce your kids to a fun Indianapolis theater.
Childrens-Museum-Train-Exhibit-540 All Aboard! – Travel back to the 1890s Madison, Indiana and the time when the steam engine united a country. See the magnificent Reuben Wells engine. At 35 feet long and 55 tons, this truck conquered the steepest railroad grade in the whole United States. View it up close as your crawl inside. Operate switches and lights. Send a Morse code message and more. Plus take a gander at some impressive model railroads running in and around this exhibit.
Water-Clock-at-the-Childrens-Museum-of-Indianapolis-Indiana Treasures of the Earth – National Geographic teams up with the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis to present “Treasures of the Earth.” Explore three adventurous scenarios: a pirate shipwreck, a mysterious army and an ancient Egyptian tomb. Discover the incredible world of archeology as your learn about how this profession helps us understand history. Each new adventure presents new opportunities for learning.
Space Quest Planetarium – Marvel at the stars that populate the Indiana sky throughout the year. Explore the Milky Way, learn how a star is really born (and how they die) and find out the science behind telescopes. The Planetarium offers a variety of shows appropriate for all ages. Your young star gazers will be thrilled with the chance to shoot among the stars.
Indianapolis-Childrens-Museum-fireworks-of-glass Fireworks of Glass – Dale Chihuly’s stunning Fireworks of Glass display, created specifically for the Children’s Museum, blows visitors away every day. More than 3,200 pieces of blown glass tower in the center of the museum reaching 43 feet tall. See it from every angle as your walk a ramp surrounding all four floors of it, or get up close and personal underneath the giant sculpture on the Lower Level. Plus, create your own colorful masterpiece!
Carousel Wishes and Dreams – The oldest Carousel in Indianapolis is nestled on the fourth floor of the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis. Installed in Broad Ripple Park in 1917, this piece has been thrilling kids for nearly a century. Fun fact: It had to be lifted into the museum during the building’s construction using a crane. The construction on the fourth floor then finished around it.
Health House – What does it really mean to be healthy? Meet Coach Potato in the family room and learn about what it means to fuel your body with healthy snacks and meals. Then take a visit to the bathroom with Teeth Rex, who will teach you about good hygiene. Finally, enjoy a bed time story as you learn about how important it is to sleep well. This Indianapolis health exhibit will get your kids on the right path toward a healthy life.
Exhibit-Childrens-Museum-540 Scienceworks – See how science is all around you. The Dow Science Center presents amazing opportunities to engage with nature. See local Indiana fish species, crawl through “dirt” and explore the habitats of 12 different animals. Climb a rock wall; build something new at the Construction Site, and get your hands wet in the creek area. You never know where the next science lesson will come from, both inside the museum and out of it. This is a fantastic Indianapolis education tool.
Biotechnology Learning Center – Biotechnology is the term to describe the process by which humans use living things as tools to create new products. Biotechnology has helped us clean up oil spills, protect crops and humans from bugs and engineering enriched fruits and vegetables. In this class room space, take a short class on a variety of topics from cell modeling to hand washing to seeds, DNA and more.
Childrens_Museum_Dinosphere Science Port – Sponsored by Dow Agro Sciences, Science Port is a series of online activities that can be accessed at home or at school. Topics covered include Biotech Cool Green Tool, Healthy Habits, Dinos and Fossils and Mysteries of Archaeology. These engaging programs are a great way for your Indianapolis kids to soak up some new knowledge.
The Adventures of Mr. Potato Head – Mr. Potato Head is a wacky guy who wants to take your family a few adventures. Join in interactive explorations undersea, in outer space and in the jungle. This exhibit is designed based on the developmental milestones set by the National Association for the Education of Young Children and national academic standards.
Curious Scientific Investigators: Flight Adventures – This cool new multimedia show features amazing displays and interactive fun. Discover the physics of flight as you create your own model airplane. Test flight dynamics as your discover the real life tools used by NASA scientists. Can’t get enough? Bring your learning experience home through an amazing new Web module. This exhibit is made possible by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).
LEGO Travel Adventure – What toy provides amazing fuel for childhood imaginations while encouraging them to create in new ways? LEGO, of course! The LEGO Travel Adventure features life size LEGO models of cool creations including a dune buggy that becomes a speedboat and a spaceship that sails under the sea. See these creation and invent your own. You might just be the next great American inventor!


The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis provides fun for Indianapolis kids all year round. After your visit, treat your little ones to a meal at any of these Indianapolis restaurants. Stay tuned to Fun City Finder for all the latest on fun things to do in Indianapolis.  We cover Indianapolis arts to Indianapolis sports and more! Take your kids to all of the fantastic Indianapolis attractions including the Indiana State Museum, the Indiana History Center, the Indianapolis Museum of Art and others. Get out in Indy and find some fun! Make the Circle City your playground!

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