30-Foot Super Bowl XLVI Roman Numerals Provide Great Photo Op

The scene downtown was one of levity and excitement as the crowd made its way from one attraction to the next. But perhaps the most iconic attraction of the entire celebration is a display of Super Bowl XLVI Roman Numerals that stands an impressive 30-feet high on Monument Circle. For those of you who aren’t up-to-speed on your Roman numerous, XLVI is equivalent to the number 46.

Super Bowl XLVI Roman Numerals (Daytime, Downtown Indianapolis)

You’ll find a steady stream of visitors posing in front of this eminently picturesque display, which becomes especially photo-worthy at night when it is lit. Incidentally, the tradition of using Roman numerals to name Super Bowls began in 1971, when the then-Baltimore Colts beat the Dallas Cowboys by a field goal with just seconds remaining in Superbowl V. Fast-forward 41 years and the Super Bowl has made its way back to the home of the Colts, albeit under markedly different circumstances.

Super Bowl XLVI Roman Numerals (Nighttime, Downtown Indianapolis)

Getting the opportunity to host a Super Bowl is a rare distinction, and one this city has earned thanks to the efforts of several hard-working and dedicated individuals, not the least of which was mayor Greg Ballard. In a town that used to be known only for basketball and Indy 500 racing, Indianapolis has succeeded in transforming itself into not only one of the premier small-market football cities in the country, but an international destination as well. If you’re planning on attending the celebration, this iconic display on Monument Circle makes a great first stop.

Super Bowl XLVI Roman Numerals - 2 (Daytime, Downtown Indianapolis)