Ziptrek Ecotours Scores Hit with 800-foot Zipline Ride in Downtown Indianapolis

To say the heart of downtown Indianapolis Indiana was beating would be an understatement. “Racing” might be a better word as tens of thousands of visitors, both local and international, gave this city a pulse like it has never had before, not like this. And the remarkable thing was that, as of Thursday, February 3rd, this week-long, Super Bowl XLVI celebration still hadn’t reached full-throttle. Without a doubt, one of the most popular attractions of the event has thus far been Ziptrek Ecotours’ Zipline ride. Whether you’re an adrenaline junky or just an adventuresome spirit, this ride is sure to thrill.

Visitors, secured in a safety harness, are launched atop a 100-foot tower from which they very quickly glide along the length of an 800-foot cable strung over Capitol Avenue. The ride concludes at a docking station that rises 40 feet from the ground. Guides and a built-in braking system allow patrons of this awesome ride to kick back and enjoy the ride, knowing that everything else has been taken care of.

zipline ride indianapolis

Few visitors know it, but this is no ordinary Zipline–far from it. In fact, this particular one is not only the longest temporary Zipline ever built, but the highest ever built in an urban area. It takes a few minutes for attendees to make the 100-foot climb to the top of the tower, and an additional 10 minutes to be properly secured in the safety harness. From there it’s Jeronimo! Once launched plenty of oohs and ahhs can be heard coming from the crowd of onlookers beneath the ride.

zipline launch tower indianapolis

This has been an immensely popular event; which is why it’s a good thing that there are four lines. Still, expect a moderate-to-long wait to get on this one.  But a cost of just $10 plus and additional $2.50 in fees the ride is definitely well-worth it.

100-ft Zipline Launch Towner - Indianapolis