Near Eastside Legacy Center Opens: Endowing Indy’s Eastside

While Super Bowl XLVI is already on the record books, the lasting legacy of hosting this national sporting event in Indianapolis continues to grow. Just two short days after the final pass was thrown at Lucas Oil Stadium, and the last beer was had on Georgia Street, the Near Eastside Legacy Center opens its doors to the Indianapolis community. Created with support from the NFL’s Legacy Project and other grants, the John H. Boner Community Center and the Chase Legacy Center are about to become thriving hubs of activity for Indianapolis’ near Eastside. The Near Eastside Legacy Center will offer services to children, youth and seniors in addition to offering financial planning and transportation services to Indianapolis people.

For Indianapolis Kids

John H Boner Center Corner 300With the goal to provide excellent programming for the youth of the Near Eastside neighborhood, this Indianapolis nonprofit organization hopes to meet the academic, social and developmental needs of Indianapolis kids from conception to graduation. The Legacy Center will coordinate programming and transportation with community schools in the neighborhood: Thomas Gregg Elementary, Washington Irving Elementary, Brookside Elementary, Harshman Middle School and Arsenal Tech High School.

The idea: to strengthen students and families during and after school using community partnerships. The plan: to create environments both in school, after school and at home in which children can thrive, learn and grow. The action: to connect students and their parents with resources that better equip them for success, thus creating an improved quality of life.

John H Boner Center HousingEach school host site offer enrollment applications year-round. Programs will run through the school year, Monday to Friday, as well as six weeks in the summer.

The center features amazing facilities including the Project Phoenix Learning Center, Wet Core and Art Room, Greenhouse and Raised Bed Gardens, an educational kitchen and a media studio. Students can enroll in college prep and career readiness classes, percussion classes hosted by the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, female empowerment classes held by Girls Inc., and early music classes for children ages 3 to 8. The Indianapolis Art Center sponsors ArtReach, a neighborhood based arts-education program. Students can create original abstract art inspired by music or learn about the history, techniques and styles of street art. Kids can work up an appetite turning soil in the community garden, then head to the educational kitchen to help prepare a healthy snack. This vibrant learning center also offers television and radio classes.

Learning leaps beyond school hours at the Near Eastside Legacy Center. By helping kids cultivate new interests, the programs offered will give them a wider spectrum of possibilities.

Housing Services

Jefferson Apartments, Indianapolis, IndianaThe Center also owns, operates, and manages 200 units of housing at Brookside Apartment, Byrne Court Apartments and New Life Manor, Jefferson Apartments and other locations. From the homeless, mobility impaired and elderly to potential home buyers, the Center will help those who need stable housing. In addition, the Center offers services needed to help improve quality of life such as financial advising and advocates and access to safe, economical transportation. By determining rent on an individual’s ability to pay, the Center hopes to offer a real chance at turning one’s life around.

Continuum of Care Services

Adults that are 18 years and older who have health impairment that limit their daily activities are eligible for this service. Each enrolled resident will have contact with caregivers on a daily basis in addition to a full-time on-site registered nurse, who  monitors individual’s health and medications while at the Center. Again, the Near Eastside Legacy Center intends to create a place where people can thrive.

Senior Services

If you’re 60 years or older, the Near Eastside Senior Center is the place to get down. Seniors are welcome five days a week to participate in socialization and engage in wellness activities that will improve their quality of life. In addition, wellness checks are conducted on a monthly basis along with interactive health presentations. Seniors can enjoy weekly outings, special events and recreational fun as they remain independent, healthy and connected to the community.

Financial Services

One of the most unique aspects of the Near Eastside Legacy Center is the financial advice it offers to families and individuals. Navigating this difficult economy presents many obstacles. Indianapolis people on the Near Eastside can take solace at the Center, where the staff is prepared to help customers gain the resources and confidence they need to achieve short and long-term goals. Monthly workshops will help individuals understand and improve their financial situation.

Topics include Asset Development for education and saving, Career and Employment Assistance, life coaching, financial coaching, personal and family assessments, work supports, financial education and more. Choose the workshop that fits your needs and take the first step toward a brighter tomorrow.

Celebrate the lasting legacy of Super Bowl XLVI. Though the game is long over, the people of the Near Eastside are just beginning to reap the benefits of this amazing Indianapolis community center. Discover everything that the Near Eastside has to offer including the Made For Each Other Indianapolis art gallery and Pogue’s Run Grocer, a food co-op offering affordable healthy foods to Indianapolis people. Plus, check out the Indianapolis restaurants and Indianapolis bars on the Eastside.

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Chase Legacy Center
at the John H. Boner Community Center
2236 East 10th Street
Indianapolis, IN 46201