New Public Art on the Indianapolis Cultural Trail

Indianapolis public art welcomes a new addition to the scene. The latest public art project, on the Urban League campus, adds to the landscape of public art in Indianapolis downtown. Installed on April 25, 2011 on the corner of St. Clair and Indiana Avenue, the piece is a the brightly colored, 3-D acrylic mosaic. The work was commissioned by the Indianapolis Cultural Trail – Legacy of Gene and Marilyn Glick and is managed through Herron’s Basile Center for Art Design and Public Life.

The piece, by artist Michael Kuschnir, is entitled “Windows.”

“My artwork,” says Kuschnir, “begins with an architectural element that I manipulate through repetition… I took an assortment of existing windows on Indiana Ave and combined them with generic window forms to create a gestural sculpture. The inspiration for this piece came from listening to people of the community talk about this site. Some people reminisced about the past while others talked about the future of this location. I collected these viewpoints as if they are windows into each of us. Now I give the opportunity for everyone to see this neighborhood in these warm embracing colors; an opportunity to look at this community through each other’s lenses.”

For more pictures of this addition to Indianapolis art, including the work in process, visit the Indianapolis Cultural Trail website. Also, consider checking this beautiful addition to Indy’s cultural landscape in person.