Indianapolis Real Estate Market Improves in April of 2012

Several key indicators showed the Indianapolis real estate market had improved in April of 2012, not the least of which was that of total listings. While the 5,965 homes listed for sale in April represents a 4-percent increase versus the previous month, when compared to last April’s total of 7,022 listings it is a significant 15.1-percent drop in total listings. For a market that suffers from an excess of inventory, fewer listings is most definitely a good thing, since it helps restore balance in terms of supply-and-demand. In another comparison, the average number of Indianapolis homes for sale on a per-month basis, from February through April of this year, fell 15.6 percent versus this same 3-month period 1 year ago. Of the 5,965 homes listed for sale, 1,660 were new listings.

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