Avon Real Estate Market Sees Significant Improvements in Several Areas, in June, 2012

While the Avon real estate market was not terribly impressive in June, there were nevertheless statistically significant improvements seen in several areas. Total listings, for example, rose 3.2 percent, from 349 in May to 360 in June. What’s more, June marked the 4th consecutive month that listings rose since falling to a 15-month low of 254 in February of 2012. Yes, it is true that more listings is not what the market needs right now especially if you’re a seller. But why a 3.2-percent increase is not altogether a bad thing is because it is still 3.5 percent below last June’s total of 373 listings. So, in a somewhat longer-term view, it is clear the market has improved. In another comparison, the average number of homes on the market from April through June of this year was down 2.5 percent relative to this same quarter last year, or 350 versus 359 respectively.  Of June’s 360 homes for sale, 99 were new listings. This is up 28.6 percent from the 77 homes that were placed on the market just one month prior, although it is barely an increase when compared to last June’s total of 97 new listings. The 12-month average is 71.

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