Hawthorns Golf Country Club Real Estate: A Quick Primer

Approximately 23 luxury home villages surround the Hawthorns golf course. Many of the homes in the Hamilton Proper area have historically sold at prices ranging from several hundred thousand dollars to well in excess of a million. Of course, the market is always changing, and so are prices. But the one thing that does not change in the Hawthorns Golf Club community: Amazing views of the course!

Indeed, these luxurious, custom-built homes each a view of the golf course from a different vantage point. Owning a home in the Hawthorns Golf Country Club means being able to look out your backyard onto what might as well be a work of art each and every day. The demand for Hawthorns Golf Course real estate remain strong, in large part due to the fact that homes in this area don’t come available very often. In addition to great views, members of this community enjoy integrated hiking and walking trails.

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