Greenfield Homes Spend Nearly 45 Percent Less Time on Market in June, 2012

What the Greenfield real estate market failed to do in June of 2012, it more than made up for in comparison to last year. Total sales, for example, remained flat versus the previous month’s total of 47. Compared to last June’s total of 36, however, this is a huge 30.6-percent increase overall. Also, from April through June of this year there were on average 45 closings per month, or 9.8 percent more, relative to this same period 1 year ago.

Another stat that looked was flat at first glance was that of total listings. While June’s total of 294 homes for sale was indeed unchanged versus the previous month, when compared to last June’s total of 342 this represents a 14-percent improvement, at least if you’re a seller or real estate agent! Even in our quarterly analysis there was an 8.7-percent improvement seen in the average number of homes listed for sale per month, from April through June of this year relative to this same quarter in 2011. Of the 294 homes for sale in June, 73 were new listings, which made for a 7.6-percent decrease versus the previous month, and a 13-percent decrease versus 1 year ago. The 12-month average number of new listings each month is 62.

One stat that did not stay flat in June concerned pending sales. June’s total of 51 was up 4.1 percent over May’s total of 49. What’s more, this represents a much greater 24.4-percent increase over last June’s total of 41. From April through June of this year, the average of 49 pending sales that were on the books each month represent a 16.7-percent increase in comparison to this same quarter 1 year ago.

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