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Mooresville Real Estate Market Shows Healthy Signs in October, 2012

The Mooresville real estate market brought showed some very healthy signs in October, 2012. Normally, October is the time of year when colder temperatures bring with them an overall slowing of activity. But not this time. Versus the previous month, sales climbed 33.3 percent, reaching a total of 28 when all was said and done. […]

Martinsville Home Sales Rise 48 Percent in October, 2012

The Martinsville real estate market made significant strides in October, 2012. What was especially surprising about the latest improvements is that they come at a time of year that is normally associated with a seasonally-induced slow-down in market activity. Starting with sales, a total of 37 closings took place in October, up 48 percent versus […]

Indy Real Estate Market Sees Significant Improvements in October, 2012

For the fourth consecutive month, the number of Indianapolis homes listed for sale fell, most recently by 4.6 percent as there were 5,530 listings on the Indy market in October, 2012. But what stands out is not the fact that there were fewer listings on the market versus the previous month’s total of 5,799—considering the […]

Big Improvements Seen in Greenwood Real Estate Market in October, 2012

While there was a marked, 26.4-percent decrease in the number of closings that took place versus the previous month, the Greenwood real estate market showed some surprising improvements in a number of key areas in October, 2012. But while the most recent total of just 81 closings was off versus the previous month, compared to […]

Greenfield Home Sales Rise 10.8 Percent in October, 2012

While not every stat looked pretty in October, the Greenfield real estate market showed significant improvements in at least key indicators: Pending sales and listings. October’s total of 41 pending sales, while unchanged versus the previous month’s total of 41, was nevertheless 28.1 percent improved versus last year’s total of just 32 during this same […]

Franklin Homes Spend Nearly 56 Percent Less Time on Market in October, 2012

Amid some disappointing statistical developments in the October Franklin real estate market were just a few glimmers of light. The most recent total of 23 closings that took place in October was down 42.5 percent versus the previous month’s total of 40. Not only this, bit versus last October’s total of 36 it is a […]

Fishers Inventory Dwindles for 3rd Straight Month in October, 2012

Despite a few minor and predictable setbacks versus the previous month, the Fishers real estate market made some impressive strides in October, 2012. Take total pending sales as an example: The most recent total of 97 represents a 24.8-percent decrease versus the previous month’s total of 129. But compared to October of 2011 it is […]

Danville Home Sales Rise 35 Percent in October, 2012

The Danville real estate market, while improved in some key areas, was a victim of seasonal changes that typically affect the entire Central Indiana area around this time of year. For example, a total of 7 more closings took place in October, 2012 compared to the previous month’s total of 20. This translates into a […]

Carmel Real Estate Market Shows Solid Gains in October, 2012

The Carmel real estate market didn’t look especially great in October, 2012 versus the previous month. But compared to where the market was this same time 1 year ago, some solid gains were realized. Total sales, for example, fell 19 percent, from 137 closings in September to 111 in October. But versus last October’s total […]

Brownsburg Real Estate Market Improves Significantly in October, 2012

From the looks of the latest figures, you’d have never known the Brownsburg real estate market was well into what is typically a fall slump in sales. October’s total of 47 closings, for example, was up nearly 24 percent over the previous month’s total of 38. Coincidentally, a total of 38 closings also took place […]

Avon Real Estate Market Sales Rise 40.9 Percent in October, 2012

The latest sales figures for the Avon real estate market sure didn’t look like what many Central Indiana real agents have come to expect, given the time of year and the seasonal slump that normally accompanies it. Not only does October’s total of 62 closings represent a 40.9-percent increase versus the previous month’s total of […]

Greenwood September, 2012 Sales Up 12.4 Percent Versus Last Year

The Greenwood real estate market may have slowed down in September, 2012 in comparison to the previous month, but versus this same time 1 year ago, several unmistakable improvements were seen. Starting with our leading indicator of total sales, there were 109 closings in September, 27.3 percent fewer, compared to 150 closings in August.  But […]

Zionsville Real Estate Market “Spotty” in September, 2012

“Spotty” might be a good word to describe the Zionsville real estate market in September, 2012. For while some statistically significant improvements were seen, the market regressed more than a little bit when it came to other key indicators. But considering this is the time of year the Zionsville market typically slows down, none of […]

Westfield Real Estate Sales Climb September, 2012

The Westfield real estate market was markedly improved in September, 2012 relative to where it was just 1 year ago. This was particularly true as it concerned total sales. September’s total of 62 closings now only represents a 10.7-percent increase relative to the previous month’s tally of just 56, but compared to September of 2011 […]

Indianapolis Real Estate Market Contracts in September, 2012

That the fall season was upon us was evident in the latest figures for the Indianapolis real estate market. The latest total of 875 closings that took place in September of 2012, for example, represents a sharp, 19.2-percent decrease in sales volume versus the previous month’s total of 1,083. Be this as it may, it […]

Noblesville Market Slows Down in September, 2012

The Noblesville real lived up to expectations in September of 2012; which is to say it slowed down as it always does this time of year. Despite this fact, some very clear improvements could be seen in comparison to where the market was this same time of year in 2011. Pending sales fell 21.2 percent, […]

Fishers Real Estate Market Holds Steady in September, 2012

The Fishers real estate market was a microcosm of the Central Indiana real estate market as a whole in September of 2012. As is typical for Central Indiana, the onset of the fall season brought with it a significant decrease in overall activity, particularly as it concerned sales. The most recent total of 121 closings […]