Westfield Real Estate Sales Climb September, 2012

The Westfield real estate market was markedly improved in September, 2012 relative to where it was just 1 year ago. This was particularly true as it concerned total sales. September’s total of 62 closings now only represents a 10.7-percent increase relative to the previous month’s tally of just 56, but compared to September of 2011 it is a huge, 82.4-percent increase—not bad for a real estate market that is supposed to be entering its annual fall slump! As well, from August through September of this year an average of 60 closings took place each month, or 53.8 percent more, compared to this same quarter last year.

The picture wasn’t as rosy when it came to pending sales—at least not at first. While the most recent total of 33 pending sales represents a fairly significant 41.1-percent decrease compared to the previous month’s total of 56, compared to last September it is a comparably significant increase of nearly 38 percent. What’s more, from August through September of this year there were, on average, 38.2 percent more pending sales per month than there were during this same period 1 year ago.

September brought with it a bit of relief for home sellers, as there were 4.6 percent fewer homes listed for sale. Moreover, the most recent total of 206 listings, compared to last September’s total of 251, represents a much greater decrease of almost 18 percent. And the number of home listed for sale from August through September of this year was also down by 15.2 percent relative to this same quarter last year.

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