Greenwood September, 2012 Sales Up 12.4 Percent Versus Last Year

The Greenwood real estate market may have slowed down in September, 2012 in comparison to the previous month, but versus this same time 1 year ago, several unmistakable improvements were seen. Starting with our leading indicator of total sales, there were 109 closings in September, 27.3 percent fewer, compared to 150 closings in August.  But compared September of 2011 the most recent total represents a 12.4-percent increase overall. And, from August through September of this year, an average of 132 closings took place each month, 25.7 percent more, compared to this same 3-month period 1 year ago.

Pending sales was another area of improvement, at least in comparison to last year. While September’s total of just 76 pending sales does represent a 29-percent decrease versus the previous month’s total of 107, versus 12 months ago, it is an improvement of 10.1 percent. And from August through September of this year there were on average 9.9 percent more pending sales per month versus this same quarter last year.

It wasn’t a huge improvement, at least not compared to the previous month; but September’s total of 529 represents a 3.1-percent decrease in total listings. Compared to this same month 1 year ago, listings in Greenwood were down nearly 18 percent. This is a healthy development considering the market doesn’t exactly suffer from a scarcity of inventory. Moreover, from August through September of this year there were, on average, 19.7 percent fewer homes on the market versus this same quarter 1 year ago.

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