November, 2012 Avon Home Sales Rise 161.1 Percent Versus 1 Year Ago

The Avon real estate market showed significant improvement in several key stats in the month of November, 2012. While total sales were off by 28.6 percent versus the previous month’s total of 63, compared to November of 2011, the most recent total of 45 closings represents a 32.4-percent improvement. Also, from September through November of this year a monthly average of 51 closings took place, up 34.2 percent versus this same 3-month period 1 year ago.

Total pending sales were down versus the previous month, although barely. In fact, this marked the 3rd straight month that this stat had fallen. And since hitting a 12-month high of 362 listings in August of this year, listings are down 17.1 percent.  November’s total of 47 reported pending sales represents a decrease of just 2.1 percent. But considering there were just 18 pending sales during the month of November, 2011, this translates into a very shocking 161.1-percent increase! Not only this, but the average number of pending sales reported during the months of September, October and November of this year represents a robust 44.1-percent increase compared to this same 3-month period 1 year ago.

Our third key stat, that of total listings, also showed improvement versus both the previous month and last year. November’s total of 300 homes for sale is 6.2 percent below the previous month’s total of 320. Compared to last November’s total of 326 it is an 8-percent decrease in total listings. From September through November of this year there were, on average, 320 homes on the market each month, or 5.6 percent more, relative to this same quarter 1 year ago, when there were an average of 339 homes on the market. Of the 300 homes on the market in November, 60 were new listings. This is down 15.5 percent versus the previous month’s total of 71, although it is up nearly 58 percent versus last November’s total of just 38. The rolling 12-month average number of listings each month is 71.

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