The Fox on the Fairway: A Hilarious Farce by Ken Ludwig

Fox on the FairwayHijinx and bad weather all add up to make one crazy, theatrical ride at the Booth Tarkington Civic Theatre in Carmel, Indiana on February 8-23, 2013. The Fox on the Fairway is a sort of tribute to the great English farces of the 1930s and 1940s, according to playwright Ken Ludwig.

It all starts with when “Bingham”, president of the Quail Valley Country Club, enters into a huge personal bet with rival club exec, “Dickie”. But when the golfer he thought would play for his club defects to the other side, he suddenly finds himself facing the very real prospect of losing the bet.

Fortunately, Bingham discovers that his new assistant, Justin is actually not a bad golfer, and manages to finagle his nomination for the tournament. Things seem to be working out to perfection, as Justin builds up a big lead–except nobody was counting on bad weather! A hilarious chain of events ensues as Justin learns that Louise accidentally flushed the engagement ring he gave her down the toilet. Naturally, this causes him to lose his mind. When the tournament resumes the following day, Justin loses the lead and even breaks his arm when he takes a bad swing.

A desperate Bingham, who now feels victory slipping away, must also deal with a suddenly jealous wife who catches him too close to sex-starved vice-president, Pamela. Will Bingham find someone to replace Justin and win his bet? Will he prevail over his personal problems? Why not find out for yourself?

Event Info:

  • February 8-23, 2013
  • Thursday, Friday & Saturday at 7pm, last Saturday at 5pm, Sunday at 2pm
  • Tickets: $39 Adult, $29 Youth 17 & under
  • Booth Tarkington Civic Theatre
  • 3 Center Green, Suite 200,  Carmel, IN 46032
  • Box Office: (317) 843-3800

About the Author and Playwright

Critics from around the world have lauded Ken Ludwig’s many hits, both on Broadway, in London’s West End and throughout world, so much so that his name has become practically synonymous modern comedy. He has been the recipient of an Edgar Ward, two Helen Hayes Awards, three Tony Award nominations and two Laurence Olivier Awards; not to mention the fact that the Royal Shakespeare Company commissioned his work. His shows have been performed in over twenty languages and in some thirty countries.

His Broadway and West End shows include Baskerville, The Game’s Afoot, Midsummer/Jersey, ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas, The Three Musketeers, a special adaptation with Thornton Wilder at the request of the Wilder Estate, The Beaux’ Stratagem, Be My Baby, Leading Ladies, Shakespeare in Hollywood, Treasure Island, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Twentieth Century, Moon Over Buffalo, Lend Me A Tenor, Crazy For You and, of course, The Fox on the Fairway. His book entitled, How To Teach Your Children Shakespeare, is expected to be published in 2013 by Crown Publishing.

Ludwig’s plays have also benefited from the performances of some pretty high-profile stars, including Alec Baldwin, and Kristin Bell, Anne Heche, Dixie Carter, Frank Langella, Hal Holbrook, Joan Collins, Justin Bartha, Lynn Redgrave, Mickey Rooney, Otto Schenk, Robert Goulet, Tony Shalhoub, and Carol Burnett.

Mr. Ludwig’s began directing back in 2004, with the world premiere of Leading Ladies at the Alley Theatre in Houston, a play which starred Erin Dilly and Brent Barrett. Additionally, he has directed Baskerville at the Kennedy Center, The Game’s Afoot, Treasure Island as well as readings of Shakespeare in Hollywood.

Ludwig is a graduate of Haverford College (B.A.), Harvard Law School (J.D.) and Cambridge University (LL.B.). He studied theatre history at Cambridge, and studied music at Harvard with Leonard Bernstein. He is an accomplished lawyer who practiced for many years at the firm of Steptoe & Johnson, a firm with which he remains of counsel. He holds an Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters from York College of Pennsylvania. He is married and with two children.