Roarrrrrrr: Discover the Dinosaurs at Indiana State Fairgrounds

Discover the DinosaursThe “Discover the Dinosaurs” exhibit will be on display at the Indiana State Fairgrounds from February 1- 3. Discover the Dinosaurs represents a great opportunity for adults and kids to learn about pre-historic life in a unique, hands-on fashion. On display will be as many as 60 museum-quality dinosaurs, including several animatronic dinosaurs that you can touch.

One feature that kids will absolutely love is the capability to make the animatronic dinosaurs move, breath and roar at the push of a button. Even individual body parts, such as heads, arms and tails can be controlled by pressing the button on the display that belongs to the particular body part.

But you will also appreciate the many museum quality dinosaurs that will be on display. These are anatomically proportioned in accordance with what paleontologists have learned by examining fossil evidence. And unlike your typical exhibit, touching these static, non-animatronic dinosaurs is encouraged.

Several dinosaur scenes will be on display, depicting how the dinosaurs lived and interacted with one another at various times. Special lighting and sound effects are used to make for a more engaging experience. The use of animatronics and fog, along with meticulously prepared backdrops, rocks, flooring and plant materials will captivate kids’ imaginations and really brig the exhibit to life.

Other Fun Things to Do at the Exhibit

The Dino Dig offers a chance to experience what it’s like to be a paleontologist, brushing away sand to uncover fossils. Educational and entertaining movies will be played on a huge, dinosaur sized screen in the Dino Theater. For tot-sized guests, the Dino Den offers dinosaurs to hug, touch and sit on, each designed in a colorful style to stimulate the senses. Kids will enjoy the Dino Coloring area, where they can let their creativity run wild. Guests can participate in a scavenger hunt which asks 8 questions, the answers to which can be found in the scene that corresponds with each question. A Triceratops and T-Rex Rides offers a rare opportunity to hop on the back of a life-like, animatronic dinosaur—not to mention a great photo-op. Several inflatables will be on-site where kids can jump and play and generally have a blast of a time. Guests will have an opportunity to explore a dark mineshaft and look for fossils, gems and rocks with a headlamp -equipped hardhat in the Gem and Fossil Panning portion of the exhibit. Bags of mining rough can be purchased and then shaken out and even panned in running water to reveal gems and fossils. Miniature golf offers a fun way to learn about dinosaurs, as fun facts are presented at each hole. Professional face painters will offer Dino Face Painting. A variety of creative and colorful dinosaur designs will be available for purchase.

Event Info:

  • Indiana State Fairgrounds, 1202 East 38th Street, Indianapolis
  • Feb. 1-3: Fri 12-9, Sat 10-8, Sun 10-7
  • Tel: 317-927-7500
  • Website