Our Funny Valentine: Enjoy Dinner and a Play at the Candlelight Theatre

Enjoy a theatrical play and dinner on Valentine’s Day as the Candlelight Theatre presents “Our Funny Valentine” at the Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site on North Delaware Street. This performance offers three vignettes inspired by the works of such all-time great authors as Charles Dickens and Lewis Carroll, and adapted for stage by resident playwright James Trofatter. Each offers a unique take on a classic, Victorian-era love theme.

The first scene is set in the Harrison’s master bedroom. It depicts the absurdity of love through a fictional dialogue between Lewis Carroll’s King and Queen of Hearts. Then, it’s off to the dining room to see the unrequited love of Charles Dickens’ Miss Havisham. Finally, not even the slightest detail of love escapes inscrutable Sherlock Holmes in the library of the Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site. The play offers three very different perspectives on love, each divergent from the another while at the same time humorous and insightful in its own right.

The stage performances will be followed by dinner at the University Club. The Candlelight Theatre is the ideal venue for 19th century and early 20th century theatre, with its turn-of-the-century, Presidential furnishings. Formerly known as The Victorian Theatre by Candlelight, the Candlelight Theatre will announce its official name change at this special Valentine’s Day event.

Not only is James Trofatter the creative hand behind this Thursday’s performance, he also plays a leading role alongside with Donna Wing as the King and Queen of Hearts. Other cast includes Mark Cashwell as Sherlock Holmes and Jill Murrell as Miss Havisham.

While the theatre normally offers an annual spring and winter event this year’s Valentine’s Day program is a first. 

Event Info:

  • Candlelight Theatre, Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site
  • 1230 North Delaware Street  Indianapolis, IN 46202
  • Tel. 317-631-1888
  • Website