NFL Stadium Imagery Comes to Google Maps Starting with Lucas Oil Stadium

Just because football season is over doesn’t mean you can’t still take a tour of Lucas Oil Stadium, thanks to Google. Thanks to a few football fans who work on the Google Maps team, you can now visualize walking through Lucas Oil Stadium using Google Maps’ street view feature.

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While Lucas Oil stadium is the only NFL stadium to have worked with Google Maps thus far, there will no doubt be others in the near future. To view the stadium imagery, just look up “Lucas Oil Stadium” and click on the Google map icon. Next to the user reviews, click “See Inside”.  Move your mouse cursor over the image and click on the highlighted spots to see parts of the stadium that are not typically accessible to the average Lucas Oil visitor, such as locker rooms, VIP suites, game day tunnels and other areas behind the stadium’s three concourse. Android and iPhone users can also take an interactive, 360-degree photo tour by simply searching for “Lucas Oil Stadium” and then clicking on the Google image.

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This is part of a larger project to build a “street view collection” that includes not only stadiums, but other famous scenes around the world, such as the Grand Canyon, historic Italy, parks of the world, various university campuses and other world landmarks.

In a recent Mashable interview, a Google spokesperson said, “A few football enthusiasts on the Google Maps team thought it would be neat to publish imagery of NFL stadiums on Google Maps. We approached the Colts and worked closely with them to capture this imagery.”

Lucas Oil Stadium is one of the most prominent landmarks in Indianapolis, Indiana. To be able to view it in 360-degree detail from any computer or mobile device is a convenience that few could imagine just 10 years ago. Thanks to some visionary people at Google, it is now a reality.

Lucas Oil Stadium