"Piaf Plus" Offers Gritty Cabaret Twist on Parisian Life

Dance Kaleidoscope, the longest running contemporary dance company in Indiana, offers a gritty portrayal of Parisian life at the IRT’s Upper Stage March 14-24, 2013.

“Piaf Plus” is set to the music and vocals of famed French singer Edith Piaf. Watch as these talented DK dancers offer a contemporary twist on the French Cabaret style. The “plus” in Piaf Plus refers to the addition of several songs written by Flemish singer-songwriter Jacques Brel. Considering the original Piaf-only show was only an hour long, more music can only fortify the show.

The show consists of two acts. Act one offers a creative interpretation of the human condition, while act two features exhilarating dance performances, fueled by the intense vocals of Edith Piaf.

For those unfamiliar with Edith Piaf, she was widely considered France’s national popular singer, and was an international star. Her career started in a small Parisian club, Le Gerny, when owner Louis Leplée persuaded her to sing. The black dress she wore would eventually become her trademark apparel. “La Vie en rose” (1946), “Non, je ne regrette rien” are among her most famous songs. She recorded her last song, “L’homme de Berlin”, in 1963.

Belgian singer-songwriter Jacques Brel was most known for his theatrical songs, which generated a significant following in Belgium and France early on, and eventually throughout the world. His career spanned from 1953-1972 and his music was a major influence on such artists as David Bowie, Leonard Cohen and Marc Almond.

About Dance Kaleidoscope

Dance Kaleidoscope is an Indianapolis-based contemporary dance company which recently celebrated its 40th anniversary. DK performs 5 times each year at the Indiana Repertory Theatre. A total of 11 extremely talented dancers comprise DK’s dance corps, almost all of which are college educated and thoroughly trained in a variety of dance styles, from modern dance technique to classical ballet. The company annually holds student matinees and workshops designed to enhance children’s education. DK dancers have performed throughout Indiana and nationwide.

Event Info:

  • March 14-24, 2013
  • Indiana Repertory Theatre, 140 West Washington Street, Indianapolis
  • Tel. 317-635-5252
  • Website