Last Day for DivaFest at Indy Reads Books

DivaFest, a juried playwriting festival sponsored by the IndyFringe, makes its last appearance at Indy Reads Books, a small independent bookstore in downtown Indianapolis on Sunday, March 15, 2013.

Story telling is perhaps the oldest form of entertainment in human existence. Long before there was cave art, there were stories. Even in modern times, there’s nothing like a good story. But there is a subtle art to telling a really good story.

Sunday’s Lineup

Enjoy three master storytellers, each of whom offer a unique and insightful perspective drawn from personal experience, woven into fun and engaging stories.

  • LouAnn Homan is a Hoosier native from Angola, Indiana. She is a an actress, theater coach, writer and, of course, storyteller. Her focus is on small American towns and how to save them. She is also a gardener and someone passionate about the environment. Her story is entitled, “And She Lived Happily, Happily, Happily Ever After…Or Did She?” It is an exploration of young romance and the elation of finding that first young love. She looks at engagement and marriage, and the romantic ideal of living happily ever after. Her stories engage listeners through humor and introspection.
  • Frances Whitener will tell about “The Trip to Indy” in a humorous story that recounts her journey to Indianapolis with husband Rick in 1977. What was supposed to be a fact-finding mission to discover what the city had to offer turned into so much more. She recounts the activities and numerous mishaps that transpired along the way. She paints a picture of Indianapolis as it was over 30 years ago, and in doing so, gives us a perspective on how much it has changed since then.
  • Sally Perkins, DivaFest’s third and final storyteller, will tell why “Wise Mothers Lie”. Her humorous story is an account of how she inadvertently traumatizing her son by telling the truth, when simply telling a small, white lie would have spare him this fate.

About DivaFest

DivaFest is sponsored by IndyFringe. With only 19% of published plays nationwide having been written by women, DivaFest seeks to foster contributions by women by providing a platform for new voices, as well as regional and national media coverage.

So bring a friend, enjoy refreshment and enjoy some amazing stories at the only bookstore operating in the downtown Indianapolis area.

Event Info:

  • LouAnn Homan (3 p.m.), Frances Whitener (4 p.m.), Sally Perkins (5 p.m.)
  • Indy Reads Books, 911 Massachusetts Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46202
  • Tel. 317-384-1496
  • Website