An Amazing Visual Epic: Flight of the Butterflies in IMAX 3D

Flight of the Butterflies in 3D at IMAX in IndianapolisNo need to shoo the butterflies as they flutter so close to your face. While they may appear real, they are in fact only 3D IMAX butterflies. Flight of the Butterflies is amazing film that follows the flight of the monarch butterfly as it migrates from Mexico through North America and back, all in amazing 3D realism. It’s playing now thru May-23 at the Indiana State Museum’s IMAX theatre in downtown Indianapolis.

Co-written and directed by Mike Slee for 3D IMAX, Flight of the Butterflies is part detective story and part visual epic. It is two stories intertwined as one.

The first story is that of the late Fred Urquhart, a scientist who was obsessed with butterflies from an early age. As an adult, he sought to find out where they went each year. Together with his wife and a like-minded group of amateur scientists, he set off on a quest to discover their destination. He started by tagging the butterflies with adhesive labels. He noticed something interesting: Every third generation a type of North American “super-butterfly” would fly south during the winter months. But where? After years of painstaking research Urquhart and he and his team finally saw big picture. It was this knowledge of the butterflies’ exact migration pattern that enabled director Mike Slee to capture millions of monarch butterflies, all gathered in the same place.

IMAX 3D - Indiana State MuseumThe second story takes a look at the development of the monarch as it progresses from caterpillar to butterfly. The cocooning process is magnified across the huge IMAX screen, and the whole maturation process is seen in incredible detail, in a way not normally visible at the human.

The film is the columniation of 40 years of hard work by Dr. Fred Urquhart and his team. Viewers of all ages are in for a real visual treat with this one.

Event Info:

  • Now thru May-23, 2013
  • IMAX Theatre (Indiana State Museum) 650 W Washington St, Indianapolis, IN 46204
  • Tel. 317-232-1637
  • Website