Ladies and Gentlemen, Start Your Paws: It’s Mutt Strut 2013

Mutt Strutt 2013Taking you dog on a walk is one thing. Taking you dog on a walk at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway is quite another!

The Motor Speedway will host Mutt Strut 2013 from 9:30am through 3:30pm on Saturday, April 27, 2013. This unique event represents a coming together of dog owners from all over Indiana and the country, who will walk 2½ miles around what is perhaps the most iconic race track in the world.

If the 2012 Mutt Strut is any indication, expect 6,000 or more people to attend this year’s event. It’s a great opportunity to socialize with other dog owners and enjoy a little one-on-one time with the pooch, all while supporting good cause in the Humane Society of Indianapolis.

When you hear, “Ladies and Gentlemen, Start Your Paws” over the loudspeaker, you’ll know it’s begun. For anyone not up to walking the full, 2.5-mile oval, a shorter one-mile course is available. Strollers and wagons are also allowed.

IndyHumane helps over 5,000 animals each year, including providing medical attention, feeding, grooming, training and other care. On average, this all adds up to $700. Plus, this is the only shelter in Indiana with its own surgery center and in-house medical staff. This translates into better care for animals compared to other shelters and rescue groups

Said Colts Punter Pat McAfee of the Mutt Strut, “My dog is a rescue dog. I think somebody wanted to get rid of here. Somebody wanted to throw her into the woods basically, and I had a chance to save her and kind of make her life better. Once I heard about the relationship of the Indianapolis Colts and the Indy Humane Society I knew that it was something I wanted to get involved with, because this is an organization that takes care of dogs and cats. And they never put a dog down for space or time. That means they’re willing to do whatever it takes to get a dog a family, get a house, and really get a good life. I think when people work together things happen. And with the Mutt Strut there’s an opportunity for people to work together. People can get their friends involved, get fellow down owners to come walk with them, and really make the most of this opportunity to hit the Indianapolis motor speedway, raise money for a good cause, and also have a good bonding time with you ol’ pooch.”

Event Info

  • 9:30am through 3:30pm
  • Saturday, April 27, 2013
  • Indianapolis Motor Speedway : 4790 W 16th St, Indianapolis, IN 46222
  • Tel. 317-872-5650
  • Website