Kool’s Bazaar Puts the “Jazz” in Jazz Kitchen

Kool's Bazaar at the Jazz KitchenKool’s Bazaar will play their unique style of jazz on Wednesday, May 7, 2013 starting around 6pm at the Jazz Kitchen in Broad Ripple. Like uncovering a dusty gem, sometimes things of great aesthetic value go unnoticed, hid away from all but the most scrutinizing eyes. Such is the case with Kool’s Bazaar.

Formed in the summer of 2009 by pianist, composer and musical director Richard Trotman, Kool’s Bazaar, or simply “KB”, is a 5-piece band that plays an original blend of jazz, blues, so-called “neo-soul”, combined with influences from hip hop, trip hop, electronica and even acid jazz.

Said Trotman in a recent interview with Afro-Punk, “ The name of the band at first was called Acoustic Red. The style was a lot different when we started out. We were more instrumental and kind of evolved into something different. The first person I met was Joe Elliot who is our drummer but actually was trumpet player when I met him. He then became a drummer and our style just evolved to Kool’s Bazaar. The most important thing for us as a group was to represent the different styles that became our group. Nazeeha Khalid is our vocalist & poet, and Jesse Thompson is our bassist.”

Kool’s Bazaar in many ways echoes the spirit of the 1920s, a period in America’s musical past that was very much energized not only by jazz, but by the Harlem renaissance.

In addition to the aforementioned, multi-talented Rich Trotman, Nazeeha Khalid serves as the band’s primary vocalist and philosopher/poet. Trotman and Khalid are joined by percussionist and trumpeter extraordinaire, Joe Elliott, bassist Jesse Thompson and saxophonist Adam Thompson.

Event Info

  • The Jazz Kitchen
  • 5377 N. College Avenue
  • Indianapolis, IN 46220
  • Tel. 317-253-4900
  • Website