Star Wars Exhibit: Where Science Meets Imagination

storm trooper and jawa at star wars exhibitWill the fictional Landspeeders that first appear in Star Wars Episode IV ever become a reality? Might the X-wing Starfighters used to protect the Rebel Alliance one day become a staple of the United States Air Force?

“Where Science Meets Imagination” explores the possibility of someday creating real-life versions of the fictional technologies depicted in the Star Wars movies.

Concepts such as energy, anti-gravity and faster-than-light propulsion are explored. The exhibit, which is the largest traveling exhibition in Indiana State Museum’s history, will feature costumes and props six Star Wars films. It’s a fun event for fans of all ages, and a great way to celebrate your joy for Star Wars.

millennium falcon experience at the indiana state museumThe exhibit officially opens May 25 and runs through September 02, 2013. But that didn’t FunCityFinder staff from getting an early look. The Indiana State Museum held a special sneak peek on Saturday, May 13, much to the delight of local Star Wars fans.

The Millennium Falcon Experience, presented by Bose Corporation, features a full-size replica of the Millennium Falcon cockpit in which small numbers of guests are treated to an immersive audio and visual experience. First, there is the jump to light speed, followed by alien planets and other interstellar phenomena.

Other companion events that will take place at the museum concurrently with the Star Wars exhibit:

  • Star Wars Fan Day: Galactic Survival Skills. Scheduled for June 22, 2013 from 11am – 4pm. This fun event will test whether you have what it takes to survive out in deep space. Guests will go through the motions of packing fort space travel, including sealing a space station.
  • Star Wars & Sci-Fi Summer Camp. Scheduled June 10-14, this 4-day event will explore the science of Star Wars with fun science experiments.
  • Star Wars Fan Day: Use the Force. Scheduled for June 20, this event will challenge your quick reflexes and speed, as well as your sci-fi knowledge and design skills.

Photos of the Star Wars Millennium Falcon Experience