Don’t Miss the Open Wheel Collectables & Sports Memorabilia Show

Open Wheel Collectables & Sports Memorabilia ShowThe Open Wheel Collectables & Sports Memorabilia is taking place at the Indiana State Fairgrounds’ Dupont Pavillion from May 23 – 25, 2013.

The event is sponsored by Heritage Auctions from Dallas, Texas, and hosted by hobby show promoters John and Joyce Douglas, long time hobby show promoters. Visitors will be treated to a wide assortment of memorabilia, including Indy 500 collectables, sports tickets, autographed sports cards and photos and virtually every other kind of sports memorabilia under the sun.

Dupont Pavillion at Indiana State FairgroundsThe show will feature a collection assembled by Dr. Harlen Hunter, which is said to be one the most extensive Indy 500 autograph collections in the world, with over 60 autographed helmets, archived Indy 500 programs, such as the 1911 program signed by Ray Harroun, the famous American racecar driver who set the first record driving from Chicago to New York in 1903. The collection also includes a complete run of all the IMS metal badges, as well as many of the vintage celluloids, cardboards and tickets that date back to the turn of the 20th century. Other memorabilia includes early NASCAR items, a huge array of Daytona 500 collectables, several bound volumes of Speed Age, a former American automobile magazine, as well as numerous other historical reference works.

There will be many attention grabbing features that will make this event a great time for the whole family. Various personalities will be in on-site to sign autographs all 3 days of the show, including some personalities from mainstream sports.

Author Tom Saal will be offering sign copies of his new, youth-oriented auto racing book.

Event Info

  • May 23, 24 and 25, 2013
  • Location: Indiana State Fairgrounds – Dupont Pavillion, 1202 East 38th St., Indianapolis IN 46205
  • Website