Woodruff Place Annual Flea Market

Since 1977 the Woodruff Place neighborhood has hosted an annual flea market the first weekend in June. The expanse of the market is huge! With over 80 acres of bargains, food, and entertainment you’ll be sure to want to wear comfortable shoes. You could literally spend all day perusing the yards in this neighborhood for a great deal. Some people even come back the second day to do some more shopping. What you’ll find is different every year, but there’s typically everything from antiques to instruments and action figures to furniture. There are also food vendors selling things like giant tenderloin sandwiches and delicious lemon shake-ups.

Even if you don’t want to buy anything, it’s fun to stroll the beautiful tree-lined streets and admire the architectural style of the Woodruff Place homes. Proceeds from the Flea Market are used to supportĀ  infrastructural projects in the neighborhood. Each resident who sells items during the Flea Market is asked to donate a percentage of sales to the Civic League.