Thoughts on "Avec Moi," a Broad Ripple Restaurant

avec-moi-indianapolis“Avec Moi” is an independently owned Indianapolis restaurant in the heart of Broad Ripple. I had high hopes for this place, and wanted nothing more than to add it to my list of personal favorites. What I found was somewhat disappointing I’m sad to say, even though there were some things done very nicely. And, their prices are very affordable too.

Despite its French sounding name, “Avec Moi” is not a French restaurant. The owner is a self-professed “foodie” who launched the restaurant, I believe, in 2010. Don’t expect a sit-down restaurant. Avec Moi serves cold carry-out only, which means you have to re-heat the food at home. This is great for those times when you feel like having a restaurant-prepared meal, but don’t feel like eating out.


An exterior view of the charming, brightly-colored exterior of “Avec Moi”

The menu changes on a daily basis, and everything is à la carte. Each day, there are a few entrées from which to choose, in addition to various appetizers, sides, salads and desserts. My dinner companion, Carla, and I decided to split each dish in half to maximum the gustatory experience.


I arrived home with food-in-sac, ready to eat…almost.


One of our two salads, the Bulgur & Grape salad was very tasty. The nuttiness of the chopped walnuts formed a nice compliment to the sweetness and acidity of the red grapes. We were off to a good start.


The Wheat Berry Salad was incredibly hard to chew due, I assume, because it contains the entire wheat kernel, still intact. It took me probably a good 60 seconds to chew a single bite of this stuff. I have no idea whether it was undercooked, or just very hearty. Regardless, be prepared for a good workout of your jaw muscles. This was a perplexing dish to say the least.


Photo of Carrots with Ginger Seasoning (before re-heating)

The Carrots with Ginger were excellent. It’s easy to over-cook carrots, but chef Kris did a great job on these. A subtle ginger seasoning made them way more interesting than plain carrots.


Grilled Vegetables with Cilantro Lime Vinaigrette (before re-heating)

The Grilled Vegetables With Cilantro Lime Vinaigrette were also cooked just right. I really enjoyed the grilled mushrooms, and the butternut squash was sliced nice and thick.


Photo of “Smashed Potatos” (before re-heating)

The Smashed Potatoes were good but not great. Maybe I’m spoiled by how my grandma used to make mashed potatoes. Or maybe the “smashing” process, if different from mashing, somehow produces a different overall taste. In any case, these did not blow my socks off, even though they were, as I said, good.


Photo of Linguine With Shrimp And White Wine (before re-heating)

The Linguine With Shrimp And White Wine was disappointing. It’s not that it was bad; it’s just that it was nothing special. And it wasn’t just me; my dinner companion, Carla, agreed that this was nothing to rave about.


A more flattering photo of this same dish in my skillet

It’s not as if the ingredients themselves were at fault; these were quality noodles and the shrimp was excellent. But as a whole, there was something missing. I think maybe it was a bit dry. But that was only part of it. I can’t pinpoint anything beyond this since I am not an expert and lack the requisite culinary vernacular.


Photo of the Flank Steak (before re-heating)

The Flank Steak was also nothing special, even though it was decent. I guess it kind of depends on your standard for steaks. For anyone who has been to a true steakhouse, such as Morton’s (before they were taken over by Landry’s) or even Sullivan’s, this does not compare. I would put the quality level on a par with Applebee’s or maybe Outback by way of comparison. One thing that DID stand out was the Spicy Lemon Sauce, which was made with sour cream, horseradish, mayonnaise, Dijon mustard, lemon rind, lemon juice, chives and parsley. This made a huge difference, and probably saved the dish for me.


My Avec Moi portions on a paper plate (classy, I know!)

Overall, my thoughts are that this is a very affordable place, but I was not blown away. Maybe things would have been better another night, and this was just the luck of the draw. I am reluctant to arrive at any sweeping conclusions based solely on a single experience. Maybe everything else there rocks. I hope so.

What I can say is that I am not inclined to try Avec Moi a second time. But I would encourage anyone to try it for his or herself. Just be prepared to spend a little time heating your food, and spending a little less, which is always a nice thing.

I should also mention that my brief interaction with Kris, the owner, was very pleasant. She seemed like a very nice and genuine person, and I wish her nothing by success in her endeavor.

Restaurant Info

  • Address: 701 E 62nd St, Indianapolis, IN 46220
  • Phone:(317) 426-3853
  • Website

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