Paul McCartney Honored with Sculpture from Hoosier Artist Dale Enochs

dale-enochs-paul-mccartney-sculpture-frontPaul McCartney may have left the fine state of Indiana, but not before taking a very special piece of it with him.

The Hall-of-Fame rock ‘n’ roll artist, composer, singer and musician, who recently performed at Bankers Life Fieldhouse in downtown Indianapolis, was honored with a commemorative sculpture at the show.

Marty Bechtold, Director of Booking-Bankers Life Fieldhouse, commissioned Monroe County artist Dale Enochs to make the commemorative piece.

For Enochs, it took a while to appreciate the magnitude of the task, to create a work of art suitable for such a legendary and admired figure. “We’re talking the top rock ’n roll guy in the entire world! He is the main guy. How do you do something for Paul McCartney?” he said.

But the inspiration came, as evidenced by the final product: An 8-pound, contemporary sculpture reminiscent of an ancient Egyptian cartouche, consisting of an anodized aluminum top portion secured to a hand-carved piece of Indiana Limestone. Staying true to ancient art, Enochs incorporated a horizontal shape at the base of the ovoid sculpture to signify that a royal name is enclosed in hieroglyphic form—“royal” as in “SIR Paul McCartney.”

How did the creative process work? Enochs says, “The original was a finished line drawing, [which] I then scanned it into a raster image and then converted it to a vector file. Sounds easy, it’s not.”

dale-enochs-paul-mccartney-sculpture-hieroglyphThe enclosed hieroglyphs represent a very interesting aspect of the sculpture, both aesthetically and in terms of what they signify.

In the words of the artist himself, “The imagery within the aluminum cartouche begins at the base with a depiction of a four sectioned beetle with a heart at the center of those sections. The beetle, (Beatle) is partaking of a golden lotus which references the Beatles spiritual pursuits. The lotus gives bloom to a heart within a heart. The inner heart in this imagery transforms into a stylized image of Mr. McCartney’s Hofner bass guitar which in turn bursts out of the confines of the cartouche. The upper portion of the bursting guitar contains yet another heart image.”

dale-enochs-paul-mccartney-sculpture-backImages of basketballs, a reference to Bankers Life Fieldhouse, are carved into the face and two sides of the stone. The navy blue and gold colors of the anodized aluminum allude to the Indiana Pacers’ team colors.

The stone’s face bears an embedded plaque inscribed with the words, “Sir Paul McCartney, Bankers Life Fieldhouse, Indianapolis Indiana, July 14, 2013.”

The words, “Ecce Cor Meum,” Latin for “Behold My Heart,” appear on the back of the stone base, above a carved beetle.

About the Artist

Dale Enochs is an internationally known artist and limestone carver who resides in Bloomington, Indiana. He received a Masters of Fine Arts from Indiana University, Bloomington, in 1981. He also studied Landscape Architecture Theory under Dr. Kenneth Yasuda from 1987–88.

He has won at least 17 awards, including the Mary Howes Woodsmall Award (1980), an Indiana Arts Commission Individual Artist Fellowship (1987) and, more recently, a Public Art Competition for the B-Line Trail Artwork in Bloomington (2008) to name a few.

His work has been, and continues to be, featured in public and private collections both domestically and internationally.

His work appeared in a segment of the show, “Modern Masters,” on HGTV. He was a Lee G. Hall Distinguished Visiting Professor of Art at DePauw University in the fall of 2003.

You can learn more about Dale Enochs and his work by visiting his website at