Plans to Bring Hundreds of New Jobs to Indy Area

funcityfinder indianapolis newsHundreds of residents in the Indianapolis area will soon benefit from’s plan to beef up its Indianapolis and Jeffersonville distribution centers.

In fact, Indiana is just one of 12 other states that will benefit from the online retailer’s plan to add as many as 7,000 jobs to its warehouses and customer service centers nationwide.

The Seattle-based company recently announced that it would add to its current roster of 20,000 employees. In addition to the new full-time jobs, Amazon says it plans to add as many as 2,000 full-time, part-time and seasonal customer service jobs. It has thus far not committed to an exact number of jobs for any particular location.

In a way, Amazon’s growth is not surprising. It has invested millions in technology related to order fulfillment, eliminating less efficient approaches that cut into profit margins. And with a greater capacity to fulfill orders has come even greater revenues.

It’s an impressive trajectory that Amazon has followed since first opening its first call center in Huntington, West Virginia. This was followed by another facility in KineticPark, staffed by 500 employees.

President Barack Obama is scheduled to visit the Chattanooga facility on Tuesday, according to the White House.