A Review of Seasons 52: Fine Dining on 475 Calories

Though we went on a Tuesday, you’d have sworn it was a Friday based on how busy it was. That was my first clue this place might be doing something right.

seasons 52 indianapolis exterior photo

A Quick Primer…

Seasons 52 is located on the city’s north side, in the Keystone Crossing area of Indianapolis. This is a very cool restaurant with a few interesting twists. For one, you won’t find anything on the menu over 475 calories. This is great for health conscious diners who want a fine dining experience without the typical calorie concerns. Second, for each of the 52 weeks in a year they turn to the local market for seasonal ingredients that can be incorporated into new menu offerings—hence the name, “Seasons 52.” These fluctuating menu items appear in a side column on the main menu.


This is a very classy place, both inside and out. I love the contemporary architectural design of the building’s exterior. It is a theme that extends to the normally dimly lit interior, which features an open kitchen concept with an exposed chef’s line, cool contemporary lighting fixtures, massive wooden beams and very comfortable seating.

Seasons 52 Wine Cellar View From Bar

I also liked how wine racks have been strategically placed throughout the restaurant. A softly-played, live music, including vocals, only added to the ambience.

About Dinner…

Seasons 52 Summer Fig & Goat Cheese w/ Applewood Bacon

We started with the Summer Fig & Goat Cheese appetizer, which is a toasted flatbread topped with Applewood smoked bacon, fig, arugula and 15 year balsamic. I really appreciated the flavor and lightness of this appetizer. It was just enough to get us started, but unlike heavier appetizers, not enough to spoil our appetite.


Being a ceviche lover, naturally I had to try the Grilled Shrimp & Scallop Ceviche. It comes with grilled pineapple, coconut, cilantro, lime and jalapeño and, of course, grilled shrimp & scallops. It was very good, I loved blend of fresh flavors and I would definitely recommend it.


Next, it was the Sliced Heirloom Tomatoes with goat cheese salad. I must confess to being somewhat of a tomato connoisseur, so knowing that these were Heirlooms piqued my curiosity. What I found was a flavorful tomato, even if it was not the best Heirloom I’ve ever had. But then again, it’s all but impossible to actually find those mouth-wateringly, flavorful tomatoes that once existed before hydroponics became the norm. Anyway, the goat cheese, basil and 15-year aged balsamic worked well together, and the warm bruschetta had a grilled taste that served as a nice complement. Overall, this was a very nice dish.


For the main course, I chose the Cedar Plank Roasted Salmon. It’s served with vegetables, fingerling potatoes, dill-mustard sauce and grilled lemon. There’s not much to say other than it was freakin’ excellent. I find the cedar imparts a distinctive flavor that makes salmon so much more interesting. I also liked the fact that the corn—which is hard to see in the above photo—was shaved fresh off the husk, or at least it sure tasted that way. The asparagus was also not overcooked, which I appreciated.

seasons-52-piedmontese-bone-in strip-steak

My dinner companion, Carla, opted for the 13 oz. Grilled Bone-In Piedmontese Strip Steak.  She was gracious enough to share a bite or two. This was a good, lean steak—not surprising considering the term “Piedmontese” refers to a particular breed of cattle that is known for its exceptional muscularity and leanness. It was served with a very tasty chargrilled tomato and corn salad drizzled in a red wine jus.


I am not normally inclined to do desert, but in this case I think it was the presentation that won me over. We were presented with a platter of 9, shot glass sized deserts, any one of which I’m sure I would have enjoyed. We opted for the Chocolate Peanut Butter Mousse, Key Lime Pie and, being a pecan pie lover, I said “what the hell” and added the Pecan Pie with Vanilla Mousse. They were all great, even though I was too full at this point to finish them.

Bottom Line:

I would recommend Seasons 52. Dinner for two can easily run around $100 for food, and even more when drinks are factored in. And while nothing on the menu exceeds 475 calories, it’s easy to defeat the purpose by eating several small things–all those calories add up, after all! I definitely feel the overall experience is worth the price you’ll pay for a good dinner in a classy place.

Other Seasons 52 Photos

 Photo of Seasons 52 Bar Area

Photo of Seasons 52 Bar Area

Seasons 52 Chefs Table

Photo of Seasons 52 Chef’s Table

Seasons 52 Main Dining Room

Photo of Seasons 52 Main Dining Room

Seasons 52 Private Dining Rooms with No Screen

Photo of Seasons 52 Private Dining Rooms with No Screen

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