Greek’s Pizzeria Review: A Slice of Downtown Fishers

I recently stumbled upon a neat little pizza place in Fishers, Indiana called Greek’s Pizzeria one afternoon. I’ve always thought that if you’re going to run a successful pizza place then there are two things you need to get right: crust and sauce. And as far as I could tell, Greek’s Pizzeria succeeded on both counts.

Exterior Photo of Greek's Pizzaria in Fishers

From all outward appearances it’s a humble little establishment that fits in perfectly with the numerous mom-and-pop type shops that dot the streets in downtown Fishers.

Interior Photo of Greek's Pizzaria in Fishers

The bright, red exterior really stands out, and is a prelude for what to expect on the inside, which is an art deco-style diner with bright red everything.

The "Greek's Special" Pizza at Greek's Pizzaria

We ordered the Greek’s Special, which comes with Italian sauce, extra cheese, Italian sausage, Spanish onions, green bell peppers, baked ham, sliced domestic mushrooms and extra sliced pepperoni. The first thing I noticed…

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