Inspiring Youth to Give and Serve

This Indy Talks event, a collaboration between Giving Sum and the Youth Philanthropy Initiative of Indiana, was created to develop the next generation of philanthropists and help families create a culture of philanthropy and service. Hosted at Carpe Diem – Meridian School, families were given the chance to participate in hands-on activities, talk to several nonprofits to learn about kid-friendly volunteer opportunities, and hear from a panel of youth philanthropists who discussed the impact of civic engagement.

Young girl feeds treat to dog

The kids loved feeding treats to the dogs from Paws & Think.

Paws & Think Paws & Think Dog

Kids Against Hunger had a food station set up to teach kids how they can make a difference in the community.

Kids Against Hunger Boy learns more about helping those in need of food

The most inspiring part of the program was hearing from the panel of youth philanthropists ranging from 7th grade through college students.

Teen Philanthropist

They spoke on how they got involved in giving back, who inspired them to do so, and how they plan to continue leading a life of philanthropy. Urging families to get their kids involved at a young age, they wanted everyone to know that anyone can make a difference. Whether you’re 4 years old or 70, there are many ways you can play a roll in making this world a better place.

Teen Philantrhopy Panel

Nonprofits Represented at Inspiring Youth to Give and Serve:

  • Paws & Think
  • Keep Indianapolis Beautiful
  • Youth Philanthropy Initiative of Indiana
  • United Way of Central Indiana
  • Indianapolis Zoo
  • Kids Against Hunger
  • Joseph Maley Foundation

Upcoming Philanthropic Events in Indy:

  • September 14 – S.P.O.T.: Volunteer with Carpe Diem Students In Action to make care packages for the Julian Center.
  • November 5 – Million Meal Marathon: Volunteer with Kids Against Hunger in an attempt to make 1 million meals for underserved countries!
  • Youth Philanthropy Initiative of Indiana: Growing lifelong philanthropists!
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters: Learn how to mentor a child in need!