3 Days in Paris Review: A Taste of France

Nestled in the bustling City Market in Downtown Indianapolis sits a quaint Parisian food stand that is a diamond in the rough. 3 Days in Paris exceeded my expectations and has been added to my favorite places to dine in Indy.

3 Days in Paris Crepe

Stepping up to the counter, I ask for their most popular crepe and am met with a surprising answer. “There is not one popular or ‘favorite’ crepe that stands out above the rest,” says the woman in the pinstriped apron. “We’ve been making crepes for a little over 2 years and cannot narrow it down.” Scanning the ingredients on the white boards in the background, I settle on one she recommends–the harvest crepe. I appreciate that she took the time to talk me through some options and list ingredients to help with my decision. Luckily I was there when it wasn’t busy, but I expect this customer service was not a fluke.

You can watch them make the crepes right in front of you

I watched as my crepe was prepared right in front of me.

A taste of Paris

Ham, apples, dried cranberries, havarti, spinach, and roasted raspberry Chipotle sauce were added to the top of the thin pancake.

Each crepe is full of fresh ingredients

Folded with precision and wrapped for on-the-go eating, I was handed the finished crepe. My first bite was filled with the perfect combination of sweet and savory flavors and even though it wasn’t a dessert crepe, it tasted quite rich.

A delicious harvest crepe

The last time I had a crepe I was in Paris, so this not only satisfied my hunger, but was also a nostalgic moment. I’m happy to know I won’t have to hop across the pond next time I crave a little taste of France.