Devour Downtown Summerfest: A Break from the Routine

devour-downtown-appetizerEating out on Fridays can become an all-too familiar routine. If you’re like most people you have a list of personal favorites, places you go to because you know they’re good. Maybe you even order the same thing every time.

But life is about variety and new experiences too. Problem is, there are so many great restaurants in this city that trying to decide on one can lead to “analysis paralysis,” a debilitating condition that seems to always strike when you’re at your hungriest and there’s just too much information to process. The easiest thing to do is stick with the same old, familiar places.

Enter Devour Downtown

With its “prix fix” menu pricing, Devour Downtown offers a ready-made excuse to break out of the routine and try something new. “Prix fix” is just a fancy way of saying you can get 3 course meals at a discounted, fixed price.


Morton’s Steakhouse is one of 60 restaurants will participate in Devour Downtown from August 19 – September 1.

How to Choose a Restaurant…

If after viewing the complete list of participating restaurants you still can’t decide on one, here’s a suggestion: Hang this list of Devour Downtown restaurants on a wall and throw a dart at it. Whichever one it lands on, go to that restaurant!

palomino-restaurant-downtown-indianapolisPhoto of Palomino, a Participating Restaurant

But seriously, you probably can’t go wrong with any of these places. Even if one of them turns out to be less-than-stellar you’re only out 35 bucks or so. So it’s a nice way to try a new restaurant and minimize your risk in the process.

bazbeaux-pizzaOf the many fine restaurants participating in Devour Downtown, one of our personal favorites here at FunCityFinder is Bazbeaux Pizza. If you love pizza, and have never tried Bazbeaux, do yourself a favor and check it out. You can also read a review of Bazbeaux here.

adobo-guacamole-table-side-preparationAdobo Grill is participating in Devour Downtown as well. Word has it, they make awesome fish tacos, and their margaritas can’t be beat. One cool thing about eating at Adobo is the table-side preparation of fresh guacamole. Other fresh ingredients, such as fresh diced tomatoes, Jalapeños, onions and sliced limes come with it. The ceviche is also worth trying.

Another cool thing about Adobo is the live musicians that play Mariachi style music on the stairway. It adds to the ambience and authenticity of the restaurant.

With summer in full bloom and so many restaurants worth trying, now is the perfect time to get out enjoy a great meal at a discounted price. One nice thing about downtown Indianapolis is that so many things are within convenient walking distance.

So if you’ve been wanting to try something new, here’s you’re chance. Don’t just eat downtown, devour Downtown! (Maybe that should be their catchphrase.)

Event Summary

  • August 19 – September 1, 2013
  • 60 Participating Restaurants
  • Website