Hubbard & Cravens: A Local Coffee Shop



It feels good to support local businesses, to branch out from widespread corporations and search for smaller establishments in the Indianapolis area. These days, my go-to coffee house is Hubbard & Cravens, an Indianapolis based coffee company established in 1991 by Rick Hubbard and Jerry Cravens. H&C has since grown to seven retail locations, each offering the finest whole bean arabica coffees and the best quality teas.


Now, I’m no “coffee snob,” but I do know several who have testified that the coffee here is top-notch. The flavor is more intense than your mega-chain coffees so you’ll have to put your taste buds to the test.



The two friends and business partners, H&C,  traveled the world, forming relationships with family-owned coffee estates along the way. Honest in their business practices, these men value paying far above fair trade standards directly to the families so that they too will be successful. Sustainability is also extremely important to H&C so they only work with growers who adhere to economic, social, and environmental conditions that are of quality to their farms and communities. I give them two high fives just for that!


My drink of choice is their oh-so-popular Healthy Elephant. If you’re a peanut butter lover then I’m sure you’ll like this drink. It combines espresso, almond milk, honey, unsweetened cocoa, and natural peanut butter into a frozen blended treat–perfect on a hot summer’s day.



The Cubano Rojo, Sangria, and Orange Creamsicle are also popular summer drinks that I’ll have to go back to try. Along with coffee and tea, they also serve a variety of pastries, sweets, and breakfast items for those of you who like to nibble on something while drinking your cuppa joe.


The atmosphere is what really takes the cake for me. Where Starbucks can seem crowded and distracting, H&C feels more low key and quite peaceful–a wonderful advantage of choosing a less known coffee shop. The decor is classic making the establishment warm and inviting. I can easily seem myself hunkering down here, taking advantage of the free wifi, and sipping a latte…or healthy elephant. Help! I’m addicted!