Storytelling on Wednesdays at the Glendale Public Library

ken-oguss-as-i-recall-storytellers-guild“Everybody has a story to tell,” says Ken Oguss, a storytelling facilitator for the As I Recall Storytellers Guild.

Care to share yours?

Long before human knowledge was formalized in printed form there were stories—happy stories, fictional stories, educational stories, and just about any other kind you can imagine.

In fact, for a very long time, storytelling was the ONLY means by which knowledge was passed through generations. Even in modern times, storytelling is a very basic part of social interaction. It is a way of relating to others by sharing meaningful experiences. Telling stories also satisfies a basic human need to be heard.

But there is value in listening too. For by listening to stories we live vicariously, through the storyteller.

About the As I Recall Storytellers Guild

Thanks to the As I Recall Storytellers Guild, your story can be heard. The group meets every 3rd Wednesday of the month at the Glendale Public Library on North Keystone Avenue.

According to Oguss, “The As I Recall Storytelling Guild is a byproduct of a workshop series offered by Storytelling Arts of Indiana and the Oasis Organization. My co-facilitator, Sandra Harris, was part of the early development of As I Recall. And the idea was to give training to people we consider our elders in the community, and help them get comfortable telling their life stories.”


For newcomers, it can be quite a thing to open up to complete strangers. But part of the process, says Oguss, is “to be comfortable with telling your own life stories and to share.”

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Together with co-facilitator, Sandra Harris, Oguss facilitates a social environment conducive to listening and sharing. “One of the interesting byproducts (of attending these sessions) is you learn to become an excellent listener to other people’s stories,” he says.

And so they gather at the Glendale Library on the 3rd Wednesday of every month share their stories. Everyone has a story. What’s yours?