The 2013 All-American Classic Horse Show at the State Fairgrounds

Few animals possess a rarer combination of traits than horses. Words like big, powerful, nimble, graceful, cooperative etc. don’t normally describe the same thing. Yet when it comes to horses, it is precisely this combination of traits that have made them such valuable contributors to human society.


From September 3-7, 2013 the 2013 All-American Classic Horse Show takes place at the Indiana State Fairgrounds. Sometimes it takes seeing something up-close and in-person to gain a full appreciation of it. And that is definitely the case when it comes to these amazing creatures.


The show will feature over 180 different classes of competition, with participants coming from all over the nation, including many coming from Texas, Colorado, Michigan, Georgia, Florida and the east coast.

The U.S. military mounted color guard, with their black horses and colorful flags, will open Friday’s show in honor of wounded Hoosier soldiers. The opening ceremony begins around 6pm, so don’t be late!

Starting Saturday morning around 9 am, there will be a children’s festival in which kids will make and decorate stick horses, which they will them present before a panel of judges. There will also be an opportunity to sign up for riding lessons.

You never know who you might run into at the show. Dee McNealy, co-chairman of the show, says William Shatner was seen at the show on Tuesday. Shatner, who owns a home in Kentucky, is a big horse enthusiast.

McNealy says the organization is proud of its work with Strides for Success, a non-profit organization that uses horses as part of therapy. “They normally specialize in children, but right now they are doing a project in conjunction with the VA hospital to help wounded soldiers,” she said.

The All American Horse Classic is an all-volunteer organization that has been around for over 50 years and has hosted many different championship events, such as national breeding championships, competitive riding championships and more.  They have worked with Strides for Success for 7 years.

Including their work with Strides for Success, the All American Horse Classic has given around a quarter of a million dollars to various charities down through the years.

Who will take home the blue ribbon at this year’s All-American Classic Horse Show? Why not check out the show and find out.

Other All-American Classic Horse Show Photos

preparing-a-saddle-at-all-american-horse-classicA saddle is prepared for the show

rider-on-saddle-bred-all-american-classic-horse-showA show participant and her horse

warm-up-area--all-american-classicA horse it put through the routine in the warm-up area

chariot-at-all-american-horse-classicMore preparations for the show

holding-area-at-all-american-horse-classicThe holding area at the 2013 All-American Classic Horse Show

crowd-watches-all-american-horse-classicThe crowd watches the show from the stands

all-american-horse-classic-at-youth-arena-state-fairEntrance to the Youth Arena which adjoins the South Pavilion

rider-on-horse-all-american-classic-horse-showA Rider and her horse

south-pavilion-indiana-state-fairThe South Pavilion of the Indiana State Fair