TEDxIndianapolis: Mix It Up

TEDx Indianapolis

TEDx Indianapolis 2013 was a day full of inspiration, innovation, and stepping out of one’s comfort zone. The theme of the full day conference was to Mix It Up. In other words, attendees were encouraged to look at things differently, meet new people, and open their minds to other possibilities.

TEDx Swag Bag

Each attendee received a swag bag full of information and various items. My favorite piece of swag was an activity deck of cards created by Big Car Collective to encourage creativity, social interaction, and boosting the quality of life for all. On each card is a question such as, “If you could ask a stranger any question, what would it be?” or prompt like, “Look at an object in as many different ways as possible”.

Drift Dice

There were also several activities located in the lobby for attendees to take part in.

Drift Dice

Here you see Big Car Founder, Jim Walker, explaining how to make Drift Dice.

Magic Mirror

Another activity had two people stand on opposite sides of a two way mirror and watch as their faces melded together to create another face. Who are you? Who is that? Who are we together?

TEDx Team

Creators and organizers of TEDxIndianapolis 2013.

Matt Hunckler

Matt Hunkler: The truth about transformation

Matt explained the THREAD method for really drawing people in.

Target: Clearly state your purpose and intent

Hook: Build their curiosity

Rapport: Create a comfortable relationship

Escalation: Deepen rapport

Apex: Bring people in

Drop anchor: Lock in their trust

Tasha Jones

Tasha Jones: Poetically mixing classic literature

Tasha told us her story of getting a group of students that were deemed “unteachable” excited to learn. By starting on common ground and exploiting their strengths rather than their weaknesses she had them reading and relating to Shakespeare.

Florian Riviere

Florian Riviere: ABRACADABRA

Florian thinks outside of the box and showed us examples of his creations using objects that we see every day. Examples were a shopping cart carousel, a tree library, and a boom box made out of an orange street cone.

Doug McColgin

Doug McColgin: Networking is not working

“Don’t just look to people within your industry for inspiration. We tend to focus on what we have in common with people instead of searching out and connecting with those that are outside our field and different than us.”

Chad Priest

Chad Priest: Designing the healthcare provider of the future

“We must attend to the social detriments of health to improve overall health.”

Motus Dance

Performance by Big Robot and Motus Dance.

LaShawnda Crowe Storm

LaShawnda Crowe Storm: Building community one stitch at a time

LaShawnda created the Lynch Quilt Project which enabled her to share this dark part of history with a new generation. By sharing the project with children she explained that she can see her passion in a new way through their eyes.

Time for Three

Time for Three stole the show with their three performances throughout the day. So much passion and energy portrayed through their music!

Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra

I was blown away by the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra’s performance of “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice.”

Street Performance

These musicians entertained attendees outside during the lunch hour by creating beautiful music with plastic bins.

Rodney Byrnes

Rodney Byrnes: Revitalizing the American dream

Catherine Chalmers

Catherine Chalmers: Collaborating with insects

One of the more “out there” talks was by a filmmaker who learns more about the lives of ants, cockroaches, etc. through the art of film. It was incredibly interesting and informative. Did you know a female cockroach only mates once and is then pregnant for life and if she doesn’t find a suitable mate, she can instead makes clones of herself? Also, ants are one of the few species that take part in organized warfare and they are able to spread messages very quickly just by touching antennas. Crazy!

Jeffrey Kline

Jeffrey Kleine: Your face tells if you are sick!

Jeffrey explained that we can tell a lot about someone just by looking at their face, including how they are sick.

Davy Rothbart

Davy Rothbart: The magic and mystery of the things we find

Davy did a wonderful job as Emcee for the day and kept the audience laughing with his readings of notes that had been sent in to “Found” a magazine he founded.

Rosan Bosch

Rosan Bosch: Designing for a better world starts at school

Rosan uses design as a tool for change and development. A school she created in Copenhagen has a flexible layout that caters to different types of learning. With a school that makes them feel unique and not just another number, the students are more apt to focus and look forward to each school day. You should look up her designs at rosanbosch.com. I wish I could have gone to this school!


There were so many other amazing talks and performances at this year’s TEDx event. I left feeling rejuvenated and on fire to create something amazing and look at the world with a new perspective. If you missed this TEDx conference, I encourage you to keep it on your radar for next year. You won’t regret it!