A Review of Gumbo A GoGo!

I recently decided to give Gumbo A GoGo! a try not once, but twice. My first impression was that this is a decent place, and just interesting enough to warrant a repeat visit. My second impression only reinforced the first, which is that Gumbo A GoGo! is decent, and worth trying, but ultimately not as good as Yats.


The first time around I tried the Etouffee, which is a roux with flour, vegetables, butter, pepper and spices that comes with a choice of crawfish, chicken or chilli cheese. It was good, even though the roux was not as thick as I would have preferred, and the blend of Cajun spices left something to be desired. But as I said, this is coming from someone who is a fan of Yats. So fair or not, Yats has become my default standard for budget Cajun food.


On my next visit I opted for the Gumbo. At the risk of sounding like a broken record I would have to say that this too was good, just not as good as Yats’ gumbo. I think it was a tad too ‘soupy’ compared to what I have come to expect.


It is affordable. The portion sizes are fare. The staff was friendly. And with the exception of the bathroom, which was in pretty bad shape (hopefully a fluke), the place seemed clean and well-maintained.


So in the final analysis I would have to say Gumbo A GoGo! is worth a try. It’s just not a place I get excited about, and not a place I would enthusiastically recommend.


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