Artist Matt Kenyon’s Glass-Blown Sculptures Now on Display at the Indianapolis Art Center

matt-kenyon-art-exhibitThough the art of glass-blowing is an ancient one dating back to the Roman Empire, it is still very much alive and well thanks in part to artists like Matt Kenyon.

His exhibit, Matt Kenyon: 2013 Faculty of The Year, can be seen now through February 2, 2014 at the Indianapolis Art Center on the city’s north side.

The exhibit features numerous glass-blown sculptures by Matt Kenyon, a full-time instructor at the Art Center whose glass-blowing career began at the Art Center when he enrolled in his first class. He is the recipient of the prestigious 2013 Skip McKinney Faculty of the Year Fellow, which is awarded annually and comes with the added bonus of a $20,000 prize.

These translucent, glassy shapes, each with its own distinctiveness, and each with its own way of reflecting light and hue, make for a very interesting exhibit.

Though his work on display to anyone interested in merely viewing the art, each piece is for sale. So if you see a piece you like it can be yours.


One piece, entitled “Red Luster Bowl with White Lip Wrap,” is an eye-catching bowl, blown with concentric rings of red and amber. The colorful shadow it casts is an epiphenomenal work of art in itself.


Another set of sculptures, (from left to right) are entitled Black Dichroic Vases #14, #3, #8 and #20. I find the embedded, metallic sparkles contrast very nicely against the opaque, black glass.


The collection represents an entire year of diligent work by Kenyon who, speaking of the award says, “Having a full year to concentrate made a big difference. I tried to be more of a practicing artist along with being an instructor. I ended up getting a bunch of tools that I wouldn’t have necessarily gotten without it, and it opened up new doors in trying different techniques and using different colors that I would have never considered otherwise.”