Exchange Indy Brings Kinfolk Together

kinfolk table

Gathering around a table and sharing a well-cooked meal is one of the fastest ways to warm my heart. Whether you’re dining with family, friends, or new acquaintances, sharing a meal creates an opportunity to feel welcomed and a part of something special. It creates a natural platform for conversation and way to engage with others face to face, rather than via a digital screen.

kinfolk dinner

The art of dining together has been lost over the years with the rise of fast food and the food-court mentality. When we were the ones growing the food and hunting for survival there was a type of gratitude and appreciation that accompanied mealtime. Today we frequently eat alone and scarf down our food quickly to get on with our busy lives, but is this practice making us any more productive?

I don’t think so. In fact, I think we’re missing out on many social, physical, and emotional benefits when we don’t take the time to slow down and eat with others. Exchange Indy, a local collective of people living in the Indy area also sees the power and positivity in gathering around the table. Inspired by Kinfolk Magazine, locals April and Ryan Burtch started the “Exchange” to reach out and get to know more people in the Indianapolis community.

exchange indy founders

The first Kinfolk dinner was hosted this past week in Studio B, a downtown rental space for creative exchange. The room had been decorated in perfect Kinfolk fashion with many rustic and minimalistic details.

kinfolk decorkinfolk place setting

Dinner consisted of assorted breads and mixed field greens as the starter with garlic parsley chicken with tomatoes, seasoned roasted potatoes, and savory kale bread pudding as the main course. The night was topped off with a cup of coffee, brownies, and a variety of delicious homemade breads.

kinfolk toast

After a welcoming toast from Ryan explaining Exchange Indy’s passion for inviting and loving all people and some delightful conversations with the other dinner guests, I felt that I was right at home. Not only did I share in a wonderful dinner, but I also walked away with some new friends.

kinfolk gathering

To stay up to date on future Kinfolk dinners and Exchange Indy gatherings, like Exchange Indy on Facebook.