Spice Box Review: A New Way of Doing Indian

I’ve always been somewhat ambivalent towards Indian food. But if my first experience at Spice Box was any indication of what to expect from the rest of the menu, then I can easily see how this place could become addictive. It would be fair to say it was unlike any Indian food I’ve had before.


What is Spice Box? Spice Box is the brainchild of owners Nitin Naidu and Tyler Wald, whose experiment in mobile Indian cuisine was so successful that they decided to open a brick-and-mortar location inside the bustling Indianapolis City Market in downtown Indianapolis.


Naidu learned the art of cooking from his mother, who carried recipes from India, but found the task of cooking traditional Indian food too cumbersome. In an effort to simplify things, she developed a new approach to cooking with traditional Indian oils and spices.


This fresh approach to Indian cooking is reflected in many of the non-traditional menu items you’ll find on their menu, such as wraps and tacos.


Surveying the menu, the Tandoori Tacos caught my eye. Maybe that’s because I ALMOST ordered from a Mexican place just minutes prior to discovering Spice Box. I’m glad I tried something new. For around $10 (with the “enhanced rice”) I got two tacos filled with Basmati rice, chicken and channa, and topped with an Indian salad.

Like I said earlier, I can see how this place could become addictive. I would definitely order the Tandoori Tacos again. It’s just nice to know that fresh and innovative restaurants like Spice Box exist here locally, and not just on some TV show about how some OTHER city has a cool restaurant you’ll probably never have an opportunity to try.

There were so many tempting places to eat at City Market, my only regret is that I don’t live closer to downtown. Should you find yourself in the mood for something other than ‘the usual’ I would highly recommend checking this place out. It’s affordable, it’s fresh and it’s interesting, and most of all, tasty.

You can also try to catch the Spice Box food truck. A schedule of upcoming times and locations can be found on their website.