A Sweet Treat for Graeter’s Ice Cream Fans

graeter's ice cream Hailing from Cincinnati, Ohio, the ever popular Graeter’s Ice Cream is opening shop right here in Indy. With the grand opening set for February 10, this sweet treat will be available just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Founded in 1870 by Bavarian immigrants Regina and Louis “Charlie” Graeter, Graeter’s ice cream is made with heavy cream and pure can sugar in a traditional French Pot. The small-batch freezing is part of the secret behind Graeter’s popularity.

The French Pot process has been around for over a century, but the rest of the ice cream industry has stopped using it because it is just that–a process. Only creating two gallons at a time, the batches are hand-swirled by French Pot artisans which creates a rich and creamy texture that ice cream fans can’t get enough of. This process is also used to create a unique chocolate chip that’s completely different from other brands.

Graeter’s uses the best ingredients including: fresh cream and milk without any artificial growth hormones, 100% cane sugar, egg custard, gourmet chocolate, and hand-picked black raspberries from Willamette Valley, Oregon. There is great care that goes into each serving of ice cream and all pints are hand-packed because of the cream’s thickness.

Featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show and Food Network, some of the most popular flavors are butter pecan, black raspberry chocolate chip, and Buckeye Blitz (chocolate peanut butter base with peanut butter cookie dough pieces and dark chocolate chips).

Other Graeter’s locations throughout Ohio & Kentucky feature an in-store bakery, but that will not be included in the new Graeter’s store opening in the Butler-Tarkington neighborhood at 5560 N Illinois St. Instead, the shop will feature a new line of gelatos in four rich flavors – hazelnut truffle, vanilla truffle, dark chocolate truffle and caramel truffle.

What: Grand Opening of Graeter’s Ice Cream in Indianapolis

When: February 10, 2014

Where: 5560 N Illinois St., Indianapolis, IN