Crepe Guys Brings a Touch of France to the Northeast Side

Started by a father and son duo in 1990, Crepe Guys offers a taste of French cuisine and international flavors in a fast and casual environment. A little over three months ago they moved to the Northeast side of Indy near Castleton Mall and business seems to be doing pretty well. I’m a huge crepe fan and was really looking forward to testing this restaurant out.

crepe guys exterior

After being greeted and asked if I wanted something savory or sweet they made a few suggestions about what I might like. I have to give it to them for their menu options, they’ve got over 30 crepes to choose from and even a special section devoted to ingredients that kids will like. I’m tempted to go back and try their macaroni w/cheese crepe.

crepe guys menu

I went with the suggested Chicken Milano which was the first crepe on the menu. It includes parmesan and ricota cheese, grilled chicken, fresh spinach and red pepper pesto sauce.

making a crepe

You can watch as your personal crepe is prepared or go ahead and take a seat and they’ll bring the prepared meal out to you.


The whole process was super quick and I had my crepe delivered in just a few minutes.crepe ingredients

While I was impressed with the speed and portion size of the crepe, I was a little disappointed in the taste. I felt it was lacking in flavor and compared to other crepes I’ve had in the area, it just didn’t measure up. Maybe my expectations were set too high or maybe I just need to go back and try something different.

crepe guys chicken milano crepe

crepe guys interior

The interior was kind of a strange mix of modern, industrial and rustic and most of the light was coming through the front window making the back portion seem a little dark. There was some nice ambiance created by the soft music and there is plenty of available seating. There is even a bar with stools located up front along the window if you want a view of the outside.

crepe guys interior

They had a little portable cart set up that looked like it might be used for demonstrations or to fix part of the meal at the customers table.

crepe guys comment card

I did like that they include comment cards and pens on each table so guests can leave a review and list any suggestions they might have for improvement.

crepe guys indianapolis

I might give Crepe Guys a second chance, but as of now the winning crepes in the Indy area still belong to 3 Days in Paris. Crepe Guys shouldn’t be discounted though and it is affordable with all crepes marked under $10. If you’re in the Castleton area and are looking for a fast meal with a french flair, then stop in to Crepe Guys and decide for yourself who would win in a crepe off.

Restaurant Info

  • Address: 5955 E 82nd Street Indianapolis, IN 46250
  • Phone: 317-688-8897
  • Website
  • Hours: Mon-Fri (7:00am-9:00pm) Sat (10:00am-9:00pm) Sun (10:00am-6:00pm)

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