5 Reasons Children’s Museum of Indianapolis Is the Best

Children's Museum of IndianapolisUSA Today’s 10 Best travel awards are underway now, and The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis is currently in the lead for best museum in the country. This is a distinction it earns year after year, from multiple sources. Why?

Because Indianapolis really does have the best children’s museum.

There are a million reasons to love the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, and it’s always exciting to see our city recognized for such an amazing attraction. Each year, the Children’s Museum features amazing exhibits like the upcoming Terra Cotta Warriors, but it is also home to several permanent exhibits everyone should have the opportunity to experience.

Here are 5 reasons you should visit right now:

  1. Dinosphere: Start your day at the museum in the basement, where you will find yourself walking among the dinosaurs. Featuring replicas and real fossils, kids love to explore and chat with real paleontologists. But watch out — the dome sky could erupt into a thunderstorm at any minute!
  2. Science Works: You’ll have a hard time dragging your kids out of Science Works. From a Rube Goldberg Machine to water play to actual science courses in the laboratory, you can explore how stuff works. This exhibit also features the popular rock climbing wall, but arrive early to get tickets for the lessons. They are free and go quickly!
  3. Playscape: The all new Playscape is perfect for your little ones to explore. There are things to climb, sand to play with, wind experiments, and, of course, water features young children will love. The new facility includes art and music studios as well as areas for parent participation. You could spend an entire afternoon just on the Playscape!
  4. Power of Children: This is immersive experience that focuses on powerful children in history — Anne Frank, Ruby Bridges, and Ryan White are showcased in replicas of the rooms and schools where they grew up. Older kids will be fascinated by the struggles these children overcame while even adults will find themselves learning something new along the way.
  5. Carousel Wishes and Dreams: A day at the Children’s Museum should always end on the carousel. This antique carousel i a part of Indianapolis history, and the funky animals are a hit with kids of all ages. Go ahead, Mom & Dad, climb aboard!