Barter for new knowledge with Trade School Indianapolis

Want to learn about “Herbs for Healing?” It’ll cost you two pounds of organic produce. Can’t make heads or tails of Twitter? Pony up some AAA batteries and you’ll be tweeting in no time. Looking for tips to make your next garage sale a success? Bring some canned cat food or blankets for a local animal shelter to make Garage Sale 101 a win-win. All of these opportunities — and many more — are part of Trade School Indianapolis.

TSIndyIndianapolis has been home to Trade School since Fall 2012, though it doesn’t really have a “home.” Trade School classes are held in various locations around the city including Indy Reads bookstore, Big Car artists collective, and local nonprofit organizations. Anyone can propose to teach a class. Teachers set a list of items they will take in trade for the instructions. Students can enroll in classes by choosing an item from their instructor’s required list and agreeing to bring that item to class.

Several of the classes center on food and drink. This semester’s offerings include homemade freezer meals, Indian cuisine, and fundamentals of wine tasting and appreciation. Other classes are more artistic and recreational. Some are quite practical — resume writing and understanding credit and insurance.

Trade School Indianapolis is not only a great way to learn new things, but also a terrific opportunity to meet people with similar interests. Who knows? One day you may be in a vegetarian Indian cuisine class, the next you may find yourself part of an international cuisine supper club.

A word of caution: if you see a Trade School Indianapolis class you are interested in, register right away. Classes fill quickly, though wait lists are available.