Supercross in Indianapolis: Photos and Results

Supercross in Indianapolis
I’ve been going to Supercross in Indianapolis for more than 10 years, but this one was a little different for me. Maybe it was the fact that I took three kids with me this time. Maybe it was the fact that with Chad Reed out, I had no rider to fangirl over. Maybe it was the race itself โ€” the track at Lucas Oil Stadium had an unusual setup, the dirt seemed to have a different feel to it, and several crowd favorites collided on the first corner.

Yellow Flags at Supercross in IndianapolisThere did seem to be less yellow flags overall, but the cautions in the race had a major impact on the results.

The opening collision gave Ken Roczen, Ryan Villopoto, Josh Hill, and James Stewart a poor start. They were coming from behind the entire race, and Roczen did not end up finishing. That opened things up for a heated race between Mike Alessi and Ryan Dungey โ€” until Alessi also went down on a rough turn.

Alessi ended up placing 15th after chasing Dungey for the first 15 laps. Villopoto finished 4th, Steward finished 7th, and Hill finished 9th. Dungey would go on to win his first win of the season in an uncontested finish. The closest rider was a full 7 seconds behind, with Eli Tomac and Cole Seely placing 2nd and 3rd.

Rough Corner at Supercross IndyI couldn’t get over how much of an impact the course seemed to have on the race results. The corner in front of us was tight and even had a bare spot of wood where the dirt had worn down. There was also a major rut by the end of the race so deep, riders practically had to stop to make the turn.

At least it gave my kids a pretty close up view of the riders. Their pre-race picks were pretty on-point with their personalities.

The Kids at Supercross in IndianapolisOne didn’t care and just wanted to see flying motorcycles. One picked the favorite and then tried to switch as soon as he dropped to the back on the starting collision. And one constantly rooted for the underdog โ€” picking any rider who fell during his initial heat to cheer on in the LCQs.

I just love these kids. They were captivated from the opening of the giant flag during the Star-Spangled Banner right through the fireworks at the finish line.

They’re already pestering me about next year’s race, and I guess we will have a date for the calendar soon since tickets actually go on sale in May. And my family will be there once again, rooting for flying motorcycles.
Flying Motorcycles at Supercross in Indianapolis