Nostalgia in the Food Court: Root Beer Stand at Circle Center Mall

Nostalgia in the Food CourtThere was a root beer stand in my hometown called Frost Top. Like root beer stands in every hometown, you could order from your car and have food delivered along with a frosty mug of draft root beer.

If you’ve never tried draft root beer, you’ve never tried root beer before. It’s a part of my childhood that is long gone, with root beer stands long ago replaced with fast food drive-thrus. Sometimes I will wax nostalgic about those frosty mugs and the frothy root beer on tap.

This weekend, I accidentally captured a piece of that nostalgia once more — in the mall food court, of all places.

Before we headed to Supercross in Indianapolis, I needed to feed the kids. I also needed to find a place to park that wasn’t outrageously expensive. Enter Circle Center Mall — if you have a $20+ receipt when you exit the parking garage, you will pay regular mall rates instead of event parking prices. So, we parked at the mall, near Lucas Oil Stadium, then went to the food court for dinner before walking to the race.

There are, of course, many options, but the A&W Root Beer Stand appeared to have the shortest line that also satisfied the teen requirement of “Fries. Anything with fries.”
Root Beer Stand in Circle Center Mall
Draft Root BeerI ordered our burgers, fries, and root beers, because what else do you order at A&W? And that’s when I realized it wasn’t your typical fountain root beef. It was real, live draft root beer. You guys, one sip and I was 12 again. And the teen who insisted she didn’t like root beer, tried to get me to trade for her boring Pepsi.

That was obviously not happening, but at least she could comfort herself with fries — hot, fresh, delicious fries. The burgers were about what I expected from a food court stand, but the fries were really good. And the root beer was amazing. It can even be ordered in a collectible, frosty mug for an additional $5.99. I didn’t opt for that nostalgic upgrade, but I was kicking myself all night for not at least ordering it as a root beer float.

Next time. Because there will definitely be another visit. Soon.